Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The reason for the season

This from The Universe (a daily email to which I subscribe):

If it's not yet obvious to you, the real reason for this season is you. A more perfect child of the Universe has never lived. Until now, only a celebration cloaked in myth and mystery could hint at your sublime heritage and divine destiny. You are life's prayer of becoming and its answer. The first light at the dawn of eternity, drawn from the ether, so that the Universe might know its depths, discover its heights, and frolic in endless seas of blessed emotion.

A pioneer into illusion, an adventurer into the unknown, and a lifter of veils. Courageous, heroic and exalted by billions in the unseen.

To give beyond reason. To care beyond hope. To love without limit. To reach, stretch, and dream, in spite of your fears. These are the hallmarks of divinity -- traits of the immortal -- your badges of honor. Wear them with a pride as great as the unspeakable pride we feel for you.

Your light has illuminated darkened paths, your gaze has lifted broken spirits, and already your life has changed the destiny of all who will ever follow.

This is the time of year we celebrate you.
Bowing before Greatness,
The Universe

In short, we all express the Christ, and both witness and embody its appearing.

Happy Christ-celebration!

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At 12/25/2008 01:34:00 AM, Blogger Kate said...

I love, love, love love love this...and I love you...merry Christmas sweet Laura...

Kate xoxox


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