Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stuff that inspired me this week

Found a lot of cool stuff lately I wanted to share: rubber bands, JK Rowling, and re-Judaizing Jesus.

First, a YouTube video I saw on Guy Kawasaki's blog, How to Change the World, of kids at Stanford raising money for a project with rubber bands.

How to change the world, indeed!


And this little snippet on CNN caught my eye. It's about how before she became successful as a writer, single mother JK Rowling contemplated suicide.

Harry Potter author: I considered suicide

I could totally relate to this, as having been in that position many years ago. Sometimes it's overwhelming, and you just want OUT. But she came through, clearly with strong faith and amazing understanding of human nature, which she then captured in her Harry Potter books. I shudder to think of the magnitude of our loss if she had taken that drastic step those many years ago. We would never have known Harry, or gotten the impulse for good those books provided to the world.

It makes me think deeply about how every life is important, and no one should cut themselves short.


And one more thing is this fascinating entry in a series in TIME magazine about revolutionary ideas.

Re-Judaizing Jesus

The piece talks about how important it is when reading the New Testament to have an understanding of the Jewish context. Excerpt:

New Testament scholar Amy-Jill Levine says, that "if you get the [Jewish] context wrong, you will certainly get Jesus wrong."

The shift came in stages: first a brute acceptance that Jesus was born a Jew and did Jewish things; then admission that he and his interpreter Paul saw themselves as Jews even while founding what became another faith; and today, recognition of what the Rev. Bruce Chilton, author of Rabbi Jesus, calls Jesus' passionate dedication "to Jewish ideas of his day" on everything from ritual purity to the ideal of the kingdom of God — ideas he rewove but did not abandon.

Take a look—the ideas might surprise you. The entire series was interesting as well.

Thoughts? (Blogging is a lot more fun when everyone participates!)

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At 4/12/2008 06:19:00 PM, Blogger Sandi said...

Hello dear one, where are you? I need to be able to talk with your mom about your blogs! : > )

At 8/29/2008 01:30:00 AM, Blogger Kim said...

OK we're waiting......................

At 9/13/2008 01:05:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah hemmm!! I have read this blog 63 times now!!

At 9/28/2008 11:49:00 PM, Blogger Kate said...

well, at least I THOUGHT I was the last comment...but why would I have done it anonymously...hmmm...


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