Monday, January 14, 2008

The real story

Here's a story that moved me last week, about the parents of both victims and perpetrator in the shooting at the church several weeks ago:

Killer's parents hug, cry with parents of two slain teens

The killer's parents toured the church, saw where their son had died, thanked the security guard for acting quickly, and asked for forgiveness from the parents of the girls who were killed. The clergyman called this the high point of his ministry.

So often in the news we just get the facts. Who killed whom, where it was, what was the killer's history, etc. But what's the truth behind the story? Truth, to me, is why something happened, and then what happens afterward. Sudden, inexplicable things occur in this world all the time. What's paramount is how the people involved respond. What finer qualities do these events force humanity to demonstrate?

Then, out of great evil, we can find that good continues, unchecked. That's the real story.

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