Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Not much going on, except clothes

What is up with me and how late I am today? I blame it on the snow.

And I have to say there's not much going on. Didn't have to leave the house today, yay! Things on my mind:

  • Election
  • New writer I'm training
  • Novel
  • Dog
  • Visiting LA in early March
  • Networking group
  • Teenager
  • Global warming
  • Clothes

You know, it runs the range.

That last one is about re-tooling my wardrobe as part of this "expressing my unique selfhood" kick. A friend came over on Sunday and went through everything, pointing out all the things I should never wear again. Ouch! The pile on the floor far outstrips what remains in the closet, I can tell you. Some of the clothes were older than my daughter.

People who have known me for a long time will already be laughing. My best friend in high school used to shake her head at me when I'd turn up in my weird outfits. Okay, I'm a writer, she's a designer. Not a fair test. My former boss one day complimented my shoes. She was so congratulatory that I'd finally at least furnished my feet appropriately, it became a high point of my professional career. I don't even want to mention how many people have recommended the TV show What Not to Wear.

So now I'm trying to learn finally what many people (well, women) seem to know instinctively—what makes them look good.

I'm gaining a new appreciation for this statement from Science and Health:

Beauty is a thing of life, which dwells forever in the eternal Mind and reflects the charms of His goodness in expression, form, outline, and color. (p. 247)

Perhaps it's profane to apply this to clothing, but that's where my mind is going. If I have a form that is meant to reflect the "charms of His goodness," then I suppose it should have proportion, grace, and suitability along with pure function and comfort. In other words, I should know how to dress it as well as how to maintain it. A new concept for me.

I guess for me the revelation, if you can call it that, is that many of my "favorite" clothes actually didn't express me. They did in some elements, maybe, but not in the whole. Time to pull it all together.

I may get a haircut, too.

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At 1/15/2008 05:06:00 PM, Blogger Kate said...

Wow...well, when you're all done we want pictures!!! I always loved the kookiness of your "look"...it sorta matched my own strange combinations of petticoats with suit jackets, cowboy boots and nightgowns...hmm, now that I see it in writing I am starting to think that perhaps I should have your freind come spend the day with me too!!!

I think you're lovely twin sister with a different mother...but I still want pictures...especially of the haircut!!!

love you, Kate

At 1/15/2008 05:32:00 PM, Blogger Laura Matthews said...

LOL, kooky. yep, that about covers it! I don't think I'll go all classic or anything, will still be funky. But I'm learning to understand length and shape better.

At 1/15/2008 05:52:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My clothes fall into two categories:

1. Things that go well with Birkenstocks.
2. Things that don't.

And my hair is always loose, curly, and out of control. Except when I pull it back in a bun on the way to church in the hope that no one will notice it's still wet from the shower. But since I bought a stick shift last week, it's harder to tie up my hair in the car, so our congregation will probably get to see it look stringy and damp. Oh well.

At 1/15/2008 05:54:00 PM, Anonymous carrie said...


I just think you were ahead of your time. I actually see teens today sporting the strappy-summer-top over the turtleneck look that you originated 2 decades ago.... or was that 3?

thanks for making me chuckle.

:-) Carrie

At 1/15/2008 06:24:00 PM, Blogger Laura Matthews said...

LOL carrie.... you used to shake your head and say, "Lorna, Lorna, Lorna..." I can still hear it.

let's not talk about how long ago that was.

At 1/16/2008 05:53:00 PM, Blogger Kim said...

This is a GREAT post -- not that your other inspiring deep and profound posts are not great - but this is so fun.

I still pray about buying clothes and go for quality, compatiblility (with my other parts of the wardrobe), style and comfort. This is also a good list if you are single and looking for reliable dating criteria.

ALthough now - here up north where I have no corporate job, I have felt a little naughty about wearing oversized pullovers, comfy jeans and remarkably fuzzy slipper socks (think of the feet of Chewbacca....)

Love ya!


ps I'm with KR - let's see some pics!

At 1/17/2008 06:00:00 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

Yes - pictures are requisite! Both before and after shots. :)


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