Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Communicating Love: my first stint as grandma

Yesterday marked the ending of my first three days as a grandmother. True, it involved a kittie and not a child (see picture below), but I still found myself feeling very "prior generation."

Maybe it was the way my daughter left instructions for feeding and the removal of the, um, waste products. And the way she taught me to cuddle and smooch the kittie. These instructions were reminiscent of the kinds of things I'd tell my own mother when leaving my son with her.

The smooches, in particular, meant a lot to me. I noticed that when I picked up little four-month-old Pi and made smooch-y noises right next to his ear, the purring would start and not let up forever. I smiled because these were the same little smooches I gave to my own children, right behind the ear, when they were babies. I have many such smooches on film.

We pass along a lot of things to our children. It's not just big picture things like "education is important," and "find something you love as a career," but tiny acts of love and affection, like smooches and hair smoothing and tickling and hugs. Little Pi felt right at home with me because he'd already been taught some of our family things by his own mommy. And I felt a growing affection for him as he responded so readily to the things I did, which were familiar to him already. Kind of a nice compliment from my daughter to me, actually.

Communicating love—or communicating Love, I should say—extends down generations in these simple ways. Perhaps that's more of what makes up family ties than eye color or height or bone structure. How we express affection makes us family. We can bring people into our family circle by extending that affection outward and sharing with others until all families are interconnected in Love.

And now I've wound down to the hope that our world can do this activity more. Spread the forms of affection we value, rather than the ideologies or traditions that divide us. When we meet new friends, introduce them to the things that make us feel most loved. Wouldn't this break down some barriers and lead us to peace?

All this from becoming a grandma. I never knew!

Here's Pi with our doggie Max:

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At 1/08/2008 10:25:00 PM, Blogger PtCakes said...


At 1/09/2008 01:07:00 AM, Blogger Aileen said...

Laura, I enjoyed your post. Cute photo. I have a German Shepherd and a kitty who sleep together....

I like your idea of interconnecting in Love. If dogs and cats can happily coexist, we all should be able to do the same!

At 1/09/2008 12:50:00 PM, Blogger Kate said...

hmmm...I meant to leave a comment here yesterday...well, here it is...I love this post...in fact I loved it so much I wrote about it on my own blog yesterday...these ideas really resonate with me...i love the concept of discovering who someone is by HOW they love...rather than what their opinions or ideologies are...thanks Laura!!! love, K


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