Monday, November 19, 2007

Time for a read-through

It's funny how spiritual messages come. I've told you I'm working with a life coach, which is a truly great experience that I'd recommend to anyone trying to figure out how to be more happy, empowered and fulfilled.

One of the key points is articulating and then living in line with your own values. Not the values of your family or friends or church or job, but your own internal, authentic values. It's been interesting to me to discover my own values. Yet, I'm still being guided by the Divine. These values are not in conflict with anything of the Spirit. I have my own unique expression, and that's where the individuality comes in.

I've found myself considering experimenting here and there with new activities, some that even seem a little risky (i.e., writing a novel), and then laugh to have things subsequently happen so slowly that there's no risk at all. I feel like divine Love understands where I need to go and is helping me get there safely and joyfully.

So my life coach picked up on my own internal value of pursuing spirituality. And, she noticed that I wasn't making as much time for it as I have in the past. She suggested 15 minutes a day of dedicated thought surrounding spirituality. I remembered that in other times of my life when I've been in transition, I've picked up a clean copy of Science and Health and read it straight through. I did this during my two pregnancies and at other points of career change or spiritual growth. I started a new one on Friday.

It's already soooo fruitful, and I'm on page 4. I listed inside the front cover those issues I'm wrestling with right now: things like values, companionship, self-expression, etc. Then I started to read, bringing all those issues to the reading. And, I got caught on the frontispiece even! Those long-time familiar words had a new, exciting ring to them as never before.

Ye shall know the truth,
and the truth shall make you free.

— John viii. 32

There is nothing either good or bad,
but thinking makes it so.

— Shakespeare

Oh! Thou hast heard my prayer;
And I am blest!
This is Thy high behest: —
Thou here, and everywhere.

— Mary Baker G. Eddy

Science and Health iii
(some emphasis added)

I added the phrase "about myself" to a few parts of this. Knowing the truth about myself will make me free—a wide freedom that does not constrict in any way. There is nothing either good or bad about myself but thinking makes it so, so perhaps I should get a little more out of my head and more into my heart.

And then the prayer by Mary Baker Eddy told me that God hears my desires and blesses me. This is His high behest—His divine will—that I be blest. And the declaration that wherever I go, there He will be. He is here, and everywhere.

I am scribbling and scribbling notes from this new perspective all through the margins in this clean Science and Health. It's an adventure of thought. I am blest!

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At 11/19/2007 12:30:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting post, laura.
How do you determine your values?


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