Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Things that speak peace

Back in September, the JWalking blog started providing "Thin Places," inspiring images from around the globe. Here's what he wrote about them:

Celtic Christians had a term for those places or for those moments where the veil between heaven and earth was lifted or was thinner. They called those spots, those moments, "thin places." They worshipped there, they celebrated them. I'd like to celebrate them here as well.

So every day or so, he posts these offerings, and I always find them inspirational. What are your thin places?

Another inspiring source I wanted to share today is this one, from my own dear

Blogger Play

It's a slide show of every image being uploaded to blogger at that very instant. Sometimes I just turn it on and bask. You can start it and stop it, rewind if you want, change the speed, and access the blog the photo came from. You get a window into people's artwork, their families, their surroundings, their pets… It's just an amazing snapshot of the best of humanity. I find watching these images just smooths away any friction and gives me an increasing sense of joy.

So, enjoy!

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