Monday, November 05, 2007

Pray for your microbes

Fascinating piece in Newsweek last week:

Killing Germs May Be Hazardous to Your Health

It's a great article, I recommend reading the whole thing if you find new scientific discovery as exciting as I do. Basically, what they're saying is many—most—of the microbes that inhabit our bodies are beneficial and in fact essential to normal human existence. By trying to stamp them all out with antibacterial soaps or aggressive antibiotics, we cause our bodies to lose their natural ability to fight off any harmful effects.

This made me remember what I said to someone some years ago, when they asserted, "Christian Scientists—you're the ones who don't believe in germs." (Has anyone else ever heard that?) What I said in response was, "Sure, germs exist, I know they're in there. I just don't think they can harm me."

No microbe of any kind has the power to harm you. You can exist in harmony with all of them. As expressions of Life, they are hard coded to be life-giving and harmonious. I think it's our own fear that causes the harmful effects.

So, in essence, we can pray to see the true identity of our microbes. Maybe that's weird, but I think there's something in it. We can pray that they, just like all forms of Life, fulfill their purpose as life-giving and sustaining, harmonious and beneficial. We can pray that they not be used in any harmful way by mortality or sin. We can "know the truth" about them, and this can bring us healing.

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At 11/06/2007 09:52:00 AM, Blogger -mt said...

"So, in essence, we can pray to see the true identity of our microbes. Maybe that's weird, but I think there's something in it."


Yes, it's weird. Urging people to "pray for your microbes" assumes that all of them are the same. They're not. There are all kinds of "microbes." While it's true that our bodies are riddled with them, these are the ones the body needs in order to function. But there are other kinds of microbes that are inimical the body, and in fact, some of the friendly ones we have are designed to attack the unfriendly ones. And while it's true that antibiotics can be overused, sometimes they are the best solution for an infection and worth the risk. I recently had a urinary tract infection that was intensely painful. Five or six years ago I had a similar experience and had someone pray for me. It was a scary, painful, prolonged ordeal. It finally went away and I thought I had been healed by prayer. But it had only run its terrifying course. Since then I've had a couple of other attacks, not quite as intense as the first one, and nowhere near the intensity of my recent one.

This time around I had extensive medical care, CT scan, cystoscopy, etc. No need for details, but in general it is a bladder infection caused by some functional issues. It took a few days of antibiotics but the infection receded and I am pursuing a treatment for the underlying cause of the recurring (unhealed) infections. It hasn't been at all pleasant but I feel the situation is being dealt with realistically and I am able to carry on better than before.

I think most doctors, at least mine, are aware of the issue of mutating bacteria and use antibiotics with great care.

My point is that praying for "microbes" is simplistic. It doesn't quite get at the facts of the situation, and could be dangerous if it allows an infection to spread or destroy an organ. I consider myself lucky to have survived prayer treatment.

At 11/07/2007 07:36:00 AM, Blogger Laura Matthews said...

I am *very grateful* you found the healing method that worked for you.

much love,

At 11/26/2007 10:25:00 PM, Blogger Heidi said...

Microbial harmony is a beautiful thing. As symbiotic relationships go, balance is crucial and it only seems fair to support the idea of mutually beneficial life. Parasites get to be another issue entirely, but I'm sure they respond to prayer as well. Thanks for mentioning our micro-buddies!


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