Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Never alone

I'm taking a page from my friend Kate's blog, and sharing a favorite song—Never Alone, from the soundtrack of the 1980 movie, Fame:

I've seen the lightning flashing and heard the thunder roll
I've felt sin's breakers dashing, trying to conquer my soul
I've heard the voice of Jesus when telling me to fight on
He promised never to leave me, no, never alone

Never alone, never alone, oh, never
Never alone, never alone
He'll never leave you alone

The world's fierce winds are blowing, temptations sharp and keen
I felt a peace in knowing my Savior stands between
He stands to shield me from danger when earthly friends are gone
He promised never to leave me, no, never alone

Never alone, never alone, oh, never
Never alone, never alone
He'll never leave you alone

When in affliction's valley, I'm treading the road of care
My Savior helps me to carry my cross when heavy to bear
My feet entangled with briars, ready to cast me down

He'll never leave you alone
Oh, He'll never leave you alone

I'd been rocking to that song in my car for the week prior to the association I attended on Saturday, so one section of the address really stood out to me. It was about the fact that we are never alone.

There are those who would argue the point with me, I'm sure. But what I got from the talk on Saturday is that we're never alone in the search. Parts of it may feel like we're struggling alone, but we're all in this together. The Divine constantly accompanies us, and can be relied on to either be a direct presence or to send us friends when we need them.

I think the only times this hasn't worked for me was when I was insisting within myself to handle everything on my own. When I didn't think I needed anyone else, or that I had to prove something, or that I wasn't worthy. Those times did indeed feel very lonely, like the whole world rested on my shoulders and could pull me down.

But when I started to approach even my own difficulties with some humility, realizing that as tough as they seemed, they weren't the end of the world, that in the greater scheme of things my troubles were as nothing, I gained the perspective to resist taking myself so seriously. And, even in those times, I found the most comfort when I was comforting or caring for others.

That's what the address on Saturday said, actually. We find Love when we express Love. We understand Love by showing it to our fellow beings, not by receiving it from them.

I think it's a truism then, that we're never alone if we love.

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At 11/14/2007 03:52:00 PM, Blogger Kate said...

great song...even greater you...and thank you dear friend..
hugs, Kate


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