Monday, November 26, 2007

How to find companionship

My read-through of Science and Health continues illuminating. One of the issues I'm bringing to the reading is the desire for companionship. This passage jumped off the page at me with new meaning:

If my friends are going to Europe, while I am en route for California, we are not journeying together. We have separate time-tables to consult, different routes to pursue. Our paths have diverged at the very outset, and we have little opportunity to help each other. On the contrary, if my friends pursue my course, we have the same railroad guides, and our mutual interests are identical; or, if I take up their line of travel, they help me on, and our companionship may continue. Science and Health

Seems to me this paragraph is putting forth two important criteria for choosing our companions, especially the most intimate ones.

  1. Need to be going in the same direction
  2. Need to be on the same time-table

If these two criteria are met, we can help each other on the journey.

I've been finding lately that even for the many terrific people that I've enjoyed getting to know, if we're not going in the same direction or on the same time-table, the relationship won't go that much further. And in thinking back, I can see that it was trying to force myself or another person to change pace or change direction for the sake of staying together that led to emotional mess.

So this one paragraph has clarified for me what to look out for. I love meeting new people, and have been known in the past to talk myself into some really inappropriate situations just because I like someone. Then, I'd get hurt when it didn't work out. Now, I can just ask myself these two questions about direction and timing. It's so much simpler than trying to figure out why he doesn't like me or won't do what I want. I don't need to take it personally when a relationship doesn't blossom—it's all about direction and timing. The best relationship will feel natural and easy because we'll be moving down the same road at the same pace. I can wait for that.

This reading of Science and Health is truly helping me. I'm feeling safer every day because I'm gaining a deeper understanding of concepts I can fully trust.

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At 11/26/2007 02:45:00 PM, Blogger Kate said...

I know that God has a perfect companion for your that will be "reciprocally blest" by your timing and direction...hugs, Kate


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