Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wonderful things from Sense of Wonder

As promised, here's what Pam of Sense of Wonder had to say about recent postings (you may remember I wrote about her here):

Hi Laura, I was very interested in your entry today about self expression. I agree with what you are saying about squelching individuality and I also feel that a person cannot suppress that beautiful individual expression that is bursting to come out. You can't hold that back. It is like flood-tides of Love. I think after a while the person becomes unhappy and has to do something about it. And then hopefully they listen to their inner wisdom and know how to do it.

I am enclosing an attachment of something I wrote for parents and students about Creative Expression.

I think about self expression a lot, so if I think of anything else I will send it along. The program that I do is all about expressing oneself and finding one's own niche.

More coming.....

Much love, Pam

Here's the attachment:

Sense of Wonder Creations

Creative Expression

Everyone has creative talent. Each person is a unique, original individual and has inherent potential and ability. In an atmosphere of love and vast amounts of encouragement young people feel free to explore, discover and put their ideas into form without comparison or negative critique. This opens the door to uninhibited creativity and new ways of seeing.

Creativity: At the National Conference of Creativity at the University of Michigan, educators agreed that "all children are creative, but it lessens markedly as adulthood approaches." This discouraging trend can be avoided. We try to show our students how to recognize any belief or mental block that would hinder their inspiration and creative imagination. Lack of freedom, intimidation, peer pressure, or feelings of inadequacy can be challenged and overcome. Children and adults can learn to reject anything that would obstruct the natural flow of abundant ideas.

Ways of Seeing: When drawing, painting, or sculpting from life, we show students how to study an object or scene and observe it carefully. Looking at something for a long time one can always find something new, but looking isn’t really "seeing." Really seeing something with your heart and soul brings your artist's lens into the focus of resolution and discernment.

The Process: In a society bombarded with games and entertainment producing instant gratification, accomplishing a simple task is often lost to impatience and frustration. Capturing interest and cultivating new "ways of seeing" brings patience, peace and joy to the creative journey. Cherishing the process leads to greater mastery of skill and this proficiency is fulfilled with an original idea being brought to fruition.

  • love and encouragement
  • safe, comfortable atmosphere
  • exploration and discovery
  • non-competitive
  • creativity
  • ways of seeing
  • enjoying the process

Then she wrote to me again yesterday, addressing the email to "Hi Laura self and Self":

Yes, that is it... Self and self.

I am always talking about Self with the young people who come through Sense of Wonder and I really love the challenge of putting it in the language they can understand. For instance the comments on Creative Expression are simplified and the semantics are changed for the general public. We also talk about their behavior too, being kind, giving, patient, loving. It is amazing and thrilling to me to see how many "Sunday School"

ideas I can talk to them about. It touches their heart and appeals to their true nature and they will get very quiet and listen even if they are being wild and crazy.

We also talk about there being "No better or best" and that goes for Art and Individuals. Everyone and everyone's expression is unique, individual and different and they all blend together like notes in a symphony, different colors in nature... harmonious beautiful, inspiring. No comparison which helps to lift the motivation for doing better to be truly wanting to express God's qualities to the best of one's own understanding of their relationship with God. God and man the standard of perfection.

Thanks for your great blog site. I love reading all your thoughtful entries. Have a lovely birdsong day.

lots of love, Pam

Isn't she great? Such a feast of ideas. I hope everyone finds a piece of that "sense of wonder" in their day today.

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At 10/17/2007 07:50:00 PM, Blogger Kate said...

laura...thanks for the introduction to such a creative thinker...with Love,


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