Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"Be true unto thy high ideal"

Ha! Remember how I said I was reading hymns on a regular basis now? Well, this is the one I just came to, and it fits so perfectly with what I was talking about yesterday, I had to post it:

Hymn 20, 416, Christian Science Hymnal

Kate L. Colby, Adapted

Be true and list the voice within,
Be true unto thy high ideal,
Thy perfect self, that knows no sin,
That self that is the only real.

God is the only perfect One:
My perfect self is one with Him;
So man is seen as God's own son,
When Truth dispels the shadows dim.

True to our God whose name is Love,
We shall fulfill our Father's plan;
For true means true to God above,
To self, and to our fellow man.

"My perfect self is one with Him." There's a definition of authentic self!

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