Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Unclutter your "house"

Okay, the most inspiring thing I've seen this morning is this article from

Outta here! Professional purgers' organizing tips.

I was relieved to note that I do a lot of what they're suggesting already. I have a "bills zone" and a "reading zone," and my kitchen counters are miraculously clear due to the home staging I had done a few months ago (no, house hasn't sold, we'll try again in the spring). Of course, I resist any notion that I have to get rid of books—just my personal Achilles heel.

In thinking about uncluttering, I'm reminded of the concept that your spiritual "house" is your consciousness. Your physical home can be an expression of how you think.

It's been amazing to me to find that, at times when I've been most muddled in my thinking and I've had too much rattling around in there, a quick session of cleaning out the back room or putting laundry away will reorient me to a more orderly approach. It's like the outward process of creating order leads me to accept an inner orderliness.

This works in reverse, as well. If my surroundings become disordered or cluttered, it's a tip-off that something needs to be adjusted mentally. First, I take a firm internal stand. I commit to putting things right, to prioritizing, to streamlining my thoughts. I adopt a more disciplined outlook, not wasting time on the frivolous.

Sometimes this is as simple as determining to only check my lengthy list of subscribed Weblogs once a day (instead of several times a day). Other times it's more profound, such as when I'm doing a whole-scale re-evaluation of my goals or life purpose. In any event, what results is a clarity of thinking and then a decisiveness about the papers and clutter around me as part of the process of realizing the new outlook. I know better what needs to go and what needs to stay because I've done the spiritual groundwork first.

Clutter can drag you down, both mentally and physically. Clearing things out can open both thought and space for the new.

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At 9/12/2007 10:01:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a website called Flylady, which is a wonderful help in decluttering bit by bit, for those of us who find the idea of a megapurge a bit overwhelming. It shows how to live in a tidier way and how learning to let go of clutter goes along with learning to love ourselves rightly, too.
Thanks for your great blog, Laura!
Love Amanda


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