Wednesday, September 05, 2007

No limit to change

Fascinating talk with my friend Chris yesterday, who is facing a new career opportunity she writes about here. We agreed that every step is preparation for the next step. If we don’t take the step before us, we won't be ready for when down the road comes.

Our talk reminded me about the shark in the Anderson Cooper book, Dispatches from the Edge, which I blogged about here. The shark breathes through water flowing through its gills. To keep the water flowing, it has to keep moving, or it will die.

Transition has been a constant theme for me for the last few years. Daily changes are now the norm. I've been wafting along and doing pretty well being flexible and willing. Now I want to be a bit more intentional, so I'm going to start working with a life coach friend.

I'm very excited about this, and truly terrified. My dreams tend to be quite big, and Deb, my coach, has this nasty habit of saying, "What's stopping you?" Which just brings up all the limitations I've been ignoring. Gradually, though, lately, I've had the courage from somewhere to start facing those limitations. I'm finding that most of them are imaginary.

There really are no limitations. Any that we experience are self-imposed. Because of this, we can actually toss them. Isn't that amazing? We have complete say over what we decide to be limited by. This could be constructive—for example, choosing to raise kids or stick with a job you believe in might be appropriate limitations for a time. We can learn a lot from that kind of choice.

But at other times, the limits need to come off and we need to fly. Or swim like that shark, as the case may be.

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At 9/07/2007 07:39:00 PM, Blogger Kim said...

great post!!
and timely - as we are re-viewing our businesses.


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