Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Good morning! Some people have commented about the new masthead here, "Reasoning together." I just got tired of seeing my own name up there. And I really do want this to be as much of a conversation as possible. So yeah, chime in!

Fresh off a meeting last night of my fellow mentors with the Mazie Foundation. We discussed how to help our mentees make the transition from high school to college successfully. The mentees had their own meeting about applying to college in another room down the hall, and on the way home, my mentee and I talked about her plans. She has some great plans. She's really thinking things through.

"Plan" sounds so prosaic, so finite. But a plan is just the tactic supporting the overarching strategy—our aspirations. Every plan is an outward attempt to realize an inward aspiration. Before we solidify a plan, then, a question we could ask is, "What's the big picture?"

We could reason like this:

  1. I want to go to college because
  2. I want to learn a profession because
  3. I want to be successful because
  4. I want to be an influence for good because
  5. I want to fulfill my purpose as a creation of the Divine.

That last one to me seems like it could be the master plan for all our doings. Here's another one:

  1. I want to get a car because
  2. I want to be able to get places because
  3. I want to be independent because
  4. I want to be myself because
  5. I want to fulfill my purpose as a creation of the Divine.

My challenge has always been to keep my eyes on the overarching strategy. I get caught up in the plans, the tactics, and they become an end in themselves. Sometimes the plans don't work out, and I get disappointed. But when I can remember the big picture, and can see that step by step I'm moving in that direction, the particular plans don't matter as much and I'm more flexible.

I have some new plans forming these days. I don't know how they will turn out. I think what I need the most, though, is to stick with the big picture.

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At 9/27/2007 06:19:00 AM, Blogger PtCakes said...

Sometimes, in very loud voices, we ask the wrong questions. And if we stop and listen, in the quiet, the right questions, no louder than a whisper, are being answered. Life can be strange that way. Or maybe it's not life, but God. Sometimes we just have to listen.


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