Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The yucky stuff—time to clean up

Yesterday and this morning the readings from my class notes covered the yucky stuff—animal magnetism, malpractice, mesmerism, hypnotism. One big lump of yucky. And there's really only one way to deal with it all, and that's to see that it's nothing.

Sometimes it's frustrating when you know something is animag, but you see a loved one or colleague in the throes of it. They may be either harming themselves or others through a mesmeric attachment to a particular idea or course of action. They may be trapped by a fear that you no longer have or never had. They may be in the clutches of a desire that will only lead to misery, or a limitation that threatens to stall them out.

You could argue with them verbally, try to get them to see the logic of your perspective. You could try to force them to accept the way you feel is right. You could withhold respect or affection in an attempt to coerce cooperation. Hmmm. How many of these are likely to work?


You could see through the lie to the truth of their being.

This way is harder. It requires you to refute the evidence of your ears and eyes. It demands a deep commitment to only acknowledging spiritual reality. It insists that the loved one or colleague is perfect NOW, and nothing has or can change that. And it mandates that you, yourself, dig deep and take responsibility for your own concept of that person.

You are what you see. If you're seeing the false concept in another, in a way you're accepting it for yourself. This is exactly what animag would have us do. It's the only thing that gives animag its power—if we consent to it and agree that it's real. If we refuse to consent, if we are certain of its unreality, we stop it in its tracks. It can go no farther. And, we may even have provided the counterfact to destroy it, even for the other person.

All the good stuff about Christian Science gives us the cleaning tools we need to refute and destroy the yucky effects of animag. Those tools, which are good, are infinite. We can never run out of them, they are abundant and omnipresent. They're like a divine spritzer, which washes away the dirt and leaves only the shine.

Not so yucky anymore. Squirt!

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