Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Uplifting the "corporeal personality"

My readings for today from my class notes covered the use of medicine. Or, should I say, the not-use. (For those of you tuning in now, I've been reading through my notes from Christian Science class instruction since August 6, in support of the instruction that is going on around the world this summer. I plan to get through all the notes in these two weeks.)

In the many times I've gone through these notes since class, I always find myself approaching this section with trepidation. I'm afraid to discover that I'm off base somehow. But then I read along and find that I'm still in synch with what I was taught, which is always a relief!

I also find something new every time, not surprisingly. Here are some passages that spoke to me (all from Mary Baker Eddy's writings).

He who gains the God-crowned summit of Christian Science never abuses the corporeal personality, but uplifts it. (Retrospection and Introspection)

To me, this one spoke to the practice of caring for the body through avoiding those things that might abuse it. The obvious abusers might be alcohol, drugs, etc., but I'm also inclined to include an imbalanced eating pattern that has too many substandard ingredients or a lethargic lifestyle that doesn't hold enough beneficial activity. Everyone has to work this out for themselves, of course, but for me, I feel that as long as this body is under my care, I've got to treat it respectfully. It's a temple, after all.

Christian Science Mind-healing can only be gained by working from a purely Christian standpoint. Then it heals the sick and exalts the race. (No and Yes)

What I loved about this passage is how it explains the point of Christian Science healing. It's not alone to alleviate physical symptoms and to make us comfortable. It exalts the race through its Christian basis. The best healing work I've seen or done has included the beneficiary's increased spiritual sense, joy and peace. That's the point, really.

God's preparations for the sick are potions of His own qualities. His therapeutics are antidotes for the ailments of mortal mind and body. Then let us not adulterate His preparations for the sick with material means. (Miscellaneous Writings)

I loved this! Hadn't remembered ever reading it before, although of course I must have, many times. Especially in light of my Harry Potter obsession, the idea of "potions" just made me smile. And it made sense to me that God's qualities are the "potion." We apply a large dose of these qualities to the one who needs healing, and this calms the thought, opens the way for the body to align with health, and adjusts the problem.

I have seen this work on countless occasions with both small issues and large. The body responds to a consciousness filled with God's qualities. In my view, if that's the way you want to go, medication (meaning pills or drugs) might just confuse the body and get in the way of its quick and effective alignment with the Divine. You're sending it mixed signals. If you want the fastest results, stick with one or the other.

Okay, I'm a pragmatist. To me, Christian Science is only worth the paper it's printed on if it works. For me, it always has.

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At 8/15/2007 06:09:00 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

thanks for pointing out these quotes - they are great! As many times as I read MBE's books, etc., there is always something "new" that pops out each time. Very fun!



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