Monday, August 06, 2007

Bring it all into focus

The Telling the Truth blogger posted a beautiful entry the other week, encapsulating his recent experience with Christian Science class instruction. Please check it out. If you've had class, it will remind you how amazing that time was. If you haven't yet, you may want to consider signing up for next time.

I'm remembering class especially this morning as well. It's like it happened yesterday, although it was over 20 years ago. So much of it is still crystal clear. Like Telling the Truth's experience, it brought everything into focus for me. I'd gone to a Christian Science Sunday School all my life, yet there were still things I didn't understand. Class clarified everything, although I'm still learning new things from that foundation.

The synonyms for God especially came to life for me in class. Before they had been merely words, but class challenged me to go beyond lip service to the ideas to actually applying them and seeing their reality. Love, Truth, Life, Soul, Spirit, Mind, Principle. Just writing them now in the context of remembering class enlarges them in my thought. All in one, they are God, and are the building blocks of reality. This still amazes me.

Today I just want to throw my support to all the classes that are taking place right now, the teachers who are diligently instructing and the pupils who are drinking it in. This will probably be one of the most transformative periods in the pupils' lives. I pray that each one gets what they need, sees the light more clearly, and gains the courage to practice it themselves.

Perhaps I'll break out my class notes again today and see what they still have to teach me. You may hear more about this tomorrow!

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