Thursday, July 12, 2007

What makes us who we are

Well, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was worth seeing even if deeply flawed as a movie. Would definitely recommend reading the book first before seeing the movie, because I doubt a lot of it would make sense if you don’t have the context. They had to skip a lot of the bajillion page book to condense it to two hours.

In any case, there were some significant themes highlighted, one of which could have been written in ALL CAPS it was so clearly meant as words of wisdom. Harry goes to his guardian for comfort when he begins to think he’s becoming too much like his nemesis, Voldemort. The guardian, Sirius, replies, “We all have light and dark within us. What matters is what we choose to act on. That is who we really are.”

I liked that, so actually wrote it down. It’s not what we’re tempted to do, but what we actually do that determines who we are.

Jesus talks about being guilty of sin when we lust in our hearts. Today I’m thinking what he meant was, if we lust in our hearts and we would do it if we could, that’s sinful. If we’re tempted with lust (or another sin) in our thought, but we reject it, this to me fulfills the moral requirement. It’s when we indulge the temptations, even mentally, that we’re dancing toward sin.

Like Harry, people are often too hard on themselves for even being tempted in the first place. Yet that seems to be part of the human condition. And every time we reject the temptation, when we act differently, when we embrace the higher course, we’re fighting sin on our own battlefield and winning.

I love Mary Baker Eddy’s words about the ultimate victory over all sin:

For victory over a single sin, we give thanks and magnify the Lord of Hosts. What shall we say of the mighty conquest over all sin? A louder song, sweeter than has ever before reached high heaven, now rises clearer and nearer to the great heart of Christ; for the accuser is not there, and Love sends forth her primal and everlasting strain. --Science and Health

No matter what he’s feeling, Harry’s choices are always on the side of friendship, love, self-sacrifice. Can we join with him in that battle?

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