Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dropping the weight

Some interesting articles lately about weight loss:

I’m rejoicing for that couple in the first article. The woman used the “Weigh Down Diet,” something I’m familiar with from several years ago. It’s a faith-based approach, with the basic rule-of-thumb to listen to God before you eat. I found it very transformative when I read the book. I realized I’d been eating mindlessly, which is different than Jesus’ directive to “take no thought.” This was on step on my growth toward taking care of myself better.

The second article talks about fighting wellness saboteurs with unconditional love. I love this:

There's a secret weapon in the change wars, one that can fill the gaps and soften the edges of our constantly morphing identities -- and I don't mean leaving your whole social system or forcing others to conform to you at every moment in time. The answer is unconditional love, and I encourage you to use it with ruthless abandon.

You'll know you've vanquished your change-back attackers when you can love them completely without agreeing with them at all. You can't force this feeling -- it will happen naturally when you're ready -- but when it strikes, express it, without acquiescing to others' verbal jabs. Doing this cheerfully and unabashedly will confound your average saboteurs by giving them nothing to oppose.

The third article itself is kind of negative, saying we can be influenced too much by those around us. But it made me think—we could also be an influence for good. I know many of my work friends were very supportive during my own struggles to shed a few pounds. We would encourage each other and be examples for each other.

I know I’m still working out this issue. It seems to be like the abundance issue—it never leaves us, we have to continue to show our dominion every day. Tomorrow or next week, I’ll tell more of my own story of self-care and weight management.

Have a great weekend!

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