Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Depression destroyed

Here’s a fabulous email I received from Diane, a blog reader from Down Under. She’s writing in response to my depression entry from a while back:

Here I am again reading your site after midnight AGAIN!

Re your request for thoughts on getting over depression.

I had quite a battle on my hands for some years, as I actually felt that CS couldn’t help...

the problem was just toooooo overwhelming and I was crying for HOURS every day and not even TRYING to help myself.

HOWEVER I gained my happiness back surprisingly faster than I thought when I began to accept that NOTHING is too hard for God...if He gave Moses the words to convince the multitudes to follow him across the desert, then He would be able to give me the thoughts that would heal my desperate sadness.

God told me I had to ACTIVELY LOOK FOR AND APPRECIATE every proof of love and happiness that I OTHER people's lives (as I didn’t think there was any in my own!). Soon I began to feel that when I saw a couple kissing or a mum cuddling her child or someone being caring towards another...that was actually PART of MY life too ...soon I felt happier...then I started to find good things happening to ME too.

I made new friends who were very thoughtful and understanding, but not possessive as I had been with my ex-boyfriend. I started to get things into perspective again.

Also I knew I needed to GIVE happiness to others, rather than WAITING for it to happen TO ME! In EVERY conversation and contact with others I went out of my way

to show kindness, consideration, patience, love...whatever I felt that person needed.

I now have SO MUCH love from so many people in many different ways that I just EXIST IN Love!

Recently a young guy stole my handbag. I chased after him and got it back and he bust into tears apologising profusely. I was easily able to be loving and kind to him, to offer help (he was homeless) and to give him bus money so he could get to a shelter a few suburbs away. We talked for some time and I told him to remember that wherever he walked, God was walking with him and was even there before him.

He seemed very appreciative and promised never to steal again and seemed genuine.

I could write a BOOK on this time of my life so it's hard to precis it, but I hope it will be of help to SOMEONE!

love Diane

Thank you, Diane, for your inspiring words! If you ever do write a book and need an editor, let me know. :)

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At 7/20/2007 01:34:00 AM, Blogger Kim said...

thx diane and laura for sharing this post.
someone once told me that the opposite of depression is expression.


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