Monday, July 09, 2007

All’s right with the world!

Hello, I’m back!

There’s one word that’s been coming to me more and more lately—relax. I’m not too fond of having people *tell* me to relax, but I know it’s an important concept. After a quasi-week off, I’m not sure that I learned that much about it, but I’m making progress.

Relaxing implies complete trust, doesn’t it? Meaning, you know things are going to turn out fine, so why stress? To me, it’s become clearer that living in the now makes it easier to relax, to chill, to breathe. For right now, everything’s fine. If I focus on the next minute instead of now, my wondering can make me tense. If I remain in the moment, all is well.

99.99% of my moments are perfectly fine. It’s the fear of that .01% that gets my attention too much. That .01% when it happens flickers by in an instant, and things normalize again.

So this morning, I awoke, and relaxed. Just let my innate confidence that “God’s in His heaven—All’s right with the world!” flow through me. Here’s the source for that quote, I love it:

from "Pippa Passes"
Robert Browning (1812-1889)

The year's at the spring
And day's at the morn;
Morning's at seven;
The hill-side's dew-pearled
The lark's on the wing;
The snail's on the thorn;
God's in his Heaven -
All's right with the world!

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At 7/09/2007 10:28:00 AM, Blogger PtCakes said...

Nice to have you back. Thanks for the reminder to remain in the now.

At 7/09/2007 01:16:00 PM, Anonymous Dennis R. said...

I am glad you are back. I missed your commentary.

At 7/09/2007 05:50:00 PM, Blogger Kim said...

Welcome back!

I liked your comments about relaxing. Relaxing is a major industry up here in the Northwoods about this time of year. It puts people in another state of mind that permits them to slow down and look at things from a detached objective perspective.

It's a time of "nowness" when you are refreshed just looking around you - taking in the depth and freshness of a lake; the pitch dark night air or the haunting sounds of loons calling to each other.

(I'm trying my best to make this sound appealing enough for you to come up and visit!)


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