Monday, June 18, 2007

Why ethics are important

I stumbled on a series about the Five Ethical Principles from the Ethics Guy (Bruce Weinstein) at BusinessWeek:

Weinstein says, these are "five ethical principles that guide us through all of our professional and personal relationships."

What I like about ethics or character issues is to me they're spirituality put into practice. While nothing is absolutely right or wrong in this relative universe, we can uplift even this environment by behaving ethically, or, dare I say it, morally.

The thing about ethics is if you follow them, you don't have to worry. Meaning, if it's your habit to move through the world ethically and morally, very little can come back to bite you later.

I once had a job that required strict adherence to a set of procedures. It involved the marking of documents and researching their origins. I loved this job because I felt like I could get it right, every time. While I couldn't have told you a few months later what I did on a particular document, I could with assurance state I'd followed procedure on every document. This saved me a time or two when things would get questioned.

Later I had a job where my boss asked me to lie for him from time to time. I'd never do it, but found ways to stay ethical while still meeting company needs. I never had to worry about lies I'd told or how to keep that house of cards from falling.

My brother once said to me sagely, "Immorality makes you do things you wouldn't otherwise do." I think he meant after the fact—meaning, once an inappropriate deed is done, you're then having to mop cleanup all the time to get away with it. What a waste of energy.

So I'm appreciating today how ethics and morality keep our lives uncomplicated. We can accomplish more with less baggage. Alignment with divine Principle and Truth isn't a chore, it enables us to progress more rapidly and get more done.

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