Thursday, June 07, 2007

Give yourself credit

I’ve been at a funny point lately. As I’ve mentioned before, I feel at a crossroads, and I don’t know what’s next. And, in evaluating my life, I find I’m not all that impressed with what I’ve accomplished so far. In fact, in a fit of frustrated ambition, I actually wrote in a ranting email to a friend, “I haven’t achieved anything.”

Yet the other night, I attended the awards ceremony for the mentoring program I’m in. As I sat there with my mentee in the first part of the program listening to all the one-year goal achievers, I felt a true sense of peace. My mentee is a bright, fun girl who really just wants the simple things. She’ll be the first in her extended family to graduate high school, let alone go to college (if she chooses that path). She doesn’t have this fire in her belly as I do to succeed. She’s happy where she is.

And as I sat there, I was proud of her. We were celebrating the achievement of her six-month goals, which were simple but a stretch at the same time. I didn’t have to do much to motivate her because she’s very eager to please. But the little bit I did do has made a huge difference so far. And she’s getting where she needs to go.

This gave me a little perspective. Sure, I haven’t accomplished all that I’ve dreamed I would by this time in my career. I’m not rich, famous, well traveled, or in perfect shape. But there are things I’ve done here and there that have made a difference. A smile here, a word of encouragement there, being a part of a hardworking team here, being a devoted mother there.

Is that enough? Is that what life’s all about? I’m not sure still. But I think we each could make a rather lengthy list of all the times we’ve helped or served, all the times we’ve done a job that needs doing or supported a cause that needs preserving.

So today is about giving ourselves credit for the good we’ve done. Take a moment or two to jot down a little list of five – ten positive things you did this week. Be proud of these little moments and count them as accomplishments. In the end, I suspect it will all add up.

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At 6/07/2007 05:15:00 PM, Blogger ENS said...

Sorry it took so long for me to finally reply back but it's good to "see" you again too!

Hope your having a great week,

At 6/07/2007 06:28:00 PM, Anonymous janine said...

I've found your blog interesting, and helpful too, in the month or two I've looked at it regularly. Please keep it up, and consider it one of your successes:)


At 6/07/2007 10:51:00 PM, Blogger Kate said...

lately my goals for achievement and success have become very simple...have I lived each day with unconditional kindness and have I appreciated the good I am being blessed with each are always kind..and I feel your appreciation everytime we, in my book, you are a BIG success!

love you,

At 6/08/2007 07:21:00 AM, Anonymous Sandy said...

Dear Laura,

I think that when we're tempted to get down on ourselves in the manner you described ("I haven't achieved anything"), we're indirectly saying that God hasn't achieved anything, since we are His spiritual expressions. Every time we express love, every instance of compassion, gratitude, initiative or selflessness that we experience is a direct expression of God. And if that isn't an achievement, I don't know what is!

Sure, the world would tempt us to believe that true achievements and accomplishments are only the "big things" - the career success, the money, the visibility, the great body, etc. But what really lasts? Careers end, money is spent, visibility is transitory and the body is a pretty shallow well from which to draw satisfaction. Love, on the other hand, is eternal. Love is a life-long friendship; love is a child well raised; love is kindness to a complete stranger, who remembers it years later.

Your blog is an expression of your love for God and your desire to heal. I suspect it represents just a fraction of the godliness you express in total. And to answer your question, yes, that's enough.


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