Thursday, March 22, 2007

More on healing and medicine

Got some cool comments about the healing and medicine blog entry earlier this week. Here they are, slightly edited. You can read the originals at the entry.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for these thoughts, Laura! I just always try to remember that it is *Christian* Science. The Christian part - expression of Love and Truth - comes first. Mary Baker Eddy seems to have always been emphasizing the importance, criticalness of Love in healing. To me, Love doesn't exclude, doesn't create parameters for healing.

She and Jesus certainly provided great examples of this. In anything I've read - the Bible and bios on Eddy, I haven't seen them quiz someone who came for healing about what other treatments the person has been pursuing, what medication they might be on, etc., and then turn the person away because of those practices pursued. They just loved and healing followed. Something to strive for, in my book.

Kim said...

An interesting and important discussion. MBE also writes in SH "If Christian Scientists ever fail to receive aid from other Scientists, — their brethren upon whom they may call, — God will still guide them into the right use of temporary and eternal means. Step by step will those who trust Him find that "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." (p444)

Dennis R. said...

Thank you for addressing this issue. I was concerned a bit because I was reading [articles elsewhere]. In one them on the first commandment, the comment was made that it was even unethical to treat oneself if they are getting medical treatment.

I was trying to think of a loophole. I figured if someone was taking a maintenance type drug that it was not treatment because the purpose was not to treat the disease but just to help you get by similar to eyeglasses.

Some of these things are beyond our control because of other family members putting the pressure on because of their concern.

Your comments help put it into perspective.

Heather said...

In Sunday School, one of my teachers told me of when he was a child, he went and rolled around in poison ivy on purpose. When his mother asked him why, he said that as a Christian Scientist, he shouldn't fear the poison ivy.

His mom told him that CS also stood for common sense. :)

And that's what your post reminds me of -- always use common sense, and determine where you in the journey.

Emily said...

"In one them on the first commandment, the comment was made that it was even unethical to treat oneself if they are getting medical treatment."

I'm not sure where that idea came from. The very first time I called a practitioner, I was struggling with the conflict between my own desire to be healed through Christian Science and my husband's desire for me to have medical treatment. The claim was pretty scary, and he was understandably afraid that Christian Science -- which he didn't know anything about at the time and certainly wasn't going to trust with his wife's life -- would not work.

I asked the practitioner if she could give me CS treatment (which I was sure would be effective) while I played along with my husband's demand for medical intervention (which *I* wasn't willing to trust with my life!). She said that she couldn't do that, because she and the doctor would wind up working at odds with each other, so that neither would be able to help me, but she added: "Of course you always have the right to work for yourself from your own understanding."

The practitioner worked with me until the day of the medical procedure, and I worked from my own understanding at the same time. Although the claim was quite frightening, I had a sense of peace about the whole thing, and tests later confirmed my own diagnosis: I was perfectly fine and in absolutely no danger. Somehow the doctor even forgot to prescribe an antibiotic or a painkiller, both of which are customary following surgery -- and I forgot to need them. :)

Great stuff, thanks everyone for contributing!

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