Monday, March 05, 2007

(Good is not...) Stranger than Fiction

Watched a fun film last night: Stranger than Fiction, with a truly awesome cast, familiar faces popping up all over it. Great to see Linda Hunt again, and Tim Hulce, and Tony Hale. The leading cast unexpectedly worked—funny man Will Farrell in a contemplative role, holding his own with acting giants Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman, and even Queen Latifah. Maggie Gyllenhaal radiated as the love interest as well. Nicely done.

Without revealing too much plot, suffice it to say it ends up being about a person walking open-eyed into his fate, but willing to sacrifice for the good of another. He's the Everyman, but through this movie you can see how important the Everyman is. (And to all my writer friends, this movie is a must-see.)

I went away feeling that we're all important. Each of us, every day, has the power to improve the world around us. From patience at the post office, courtesy while driving and showing up to meetings on time, to a kind word for someone who's upset, shoveling snow for a neighbor, and volunteering at the food bank, these little things turn out to be big things. They add up.

I remain convinced that 99.9% of what goes on in this world is good. My friend Mario used to say that the only reason the news is full of bad stuff is because it's *news.* Meaning, it's unusual enough to get airtime. All the good that goes on—that's not news because it's essentially ongoing and constant.

Good can resonate and reverberate, too, like the ripples on a pond. If I'm good to you, and you take that good feeling and are good to someone else, and so on and so on, we've launched a chain reaction that is more powerful than nuclear fission or carbon emissions.

It's powerful because good has its source in the Divine, who is all good and all-power. That's why we gain strength of purpose from doing good, like Will Farrell's character in the film. We know instinctively that goodness strengthens us, even if it's sometimes harder to do. We're willing to do good when the opportunity arises because we know it strengthens the whole.

Those are my musings for today…. Have a good Monday!

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