Thursday, March 08, 2007

Freely ye have received, freely give

I haven't written about Dear Abby for a while, but today's just calls out for comment. (I read the column every day.)

It's about how to repay a kindness. For an uplift this morning, read the touching stories of how the recipients of generosity repay their benefactors by being generous in their turn to others. They are living examples of the Bible verse: "freely ye have received, freely give" (Matthew).

I love what this flow of goodness represents. I wrote some while ago about the economy of Love, and I'm still seeing it in action almost daily. It fits with what's turning out to be a theme for this week—people are good, and they express goodness most of the time.

We all think about our bank accounts and retirement accounts, etc. Have you ever thought about the other "account" you have with Love? This is an account established by Love itself, for you and for others. Love made the first deposit by creating you in its image, thereby giving you have an infinite, undepletable balance.

Those who have cared for you over the years expressed the nature of this infinite balance to you. When you give back, you are spending from that balance—but the balance never goes down. In fact, you experience more of the balance by participating in its flow.

I can compare it to a clean mountain stream, flowing merrily down to the sea. We can sit on the banks and watch the flow, enjoying its beauty but not getting wet. Or we can jump in and experience the flow, letting it take us on a journey to new vistas. Every now and then we might climb out and enjoy the new destination for a while, but the flow goes on, never ending, always positive. And we can always jump back in.

How are you experiencing the flow today? "Freely ye have received, freely give."

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