Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Big" healings

What is required for "big" healings? How can we radically change the body for the better?

I've had some interesting conversations about this lately. What with the "law of attraction" and the contradictory evidence of the senses, it sometimes seems there's no definitive answer. Some people have questioned the hit-or-miss quality of spiritual healing, at least to outward appearance.

I maintain, however, that the scientific approach Mary Baker Eddy discovered can give reliable, consistent results. I think that sometimes what we need to understand is what we're up against.

I post this passage *not* to be discouraging, but to shed light on what is required:

The universal belief in physics weighs against the high and mighty truths of Christian metaphysics. This erroneous general belief, which sustains medicine and produces all medical results, works against Christian Science; and the percentage of power on the side of this Science must mightily outweigh the power of popular belief in order to heal a single case of disease. --Science and Health
This, to me, clarifies what many think is the problem with that law of attraction theory—that all we experience is the result of our own thinking. MBE is stating that the "erroneous general belief" might be the culprit in a case of disease, and that we need to throw a higher proportion of Truth in the mix to heal it.

Now, this might seem hopeless, and indeed it would be if we had to rely on our own human minds to accomplish this feat. My mind doesn't outweigh all the other minds involved. But by God's great mercy, we have the invincible force of divine Mind on the side of health and healing. The one omnipotent divine Mind brings the "percentage of power" necessary to vanquish "erroneous general belief"—we don't have to do it alone.

Aligning our thought with Mind takes both moment-by-moment focus and long-term commitment. To increase our healing power, we need to commit. Are we ready, every day, to deny the evidence of the senses and train our thought Spiritward? Are we ready to turn from the most disturbing and possibly initially unchanging outward appearances and instead accept only the good, the real, the permanent? Are we committed to the radical position that good is the only reality, no matter what shape discord is taking in our lives?

I'm speaking to myself, since today I am faced with a few things that seem unyielding, that seem like there's nothing humanly I can do about them. The situations are in the hands of others and not subject to my direct control. Yet they're disturbing to me and I need to see through them to the reality of harmony and health. I’m being challenged to do this even as the outward appearance remains unchanged.

That's the job at hand. That's the way to "big" healing. We’ve got to outweigh that "erroneous general belief." What is needed—and I've seen this work before—is unswerving faith and clear-eyed vision that what is harmful or useless has no place in reality, so therefore is on its way out even as we wrestle with it. That's the requirement. Are you with me?

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At 3/14/2007 10:54:00 AM, Blogger Maria said...

Count me in. I too today will diligently endeavor to "...choose good as the reality" (MB Eddy) to seek it, focus on it, cherish it, hang onto it for me, mine and all. We can all hold our spiritual hands together--with each other and God. Love you!

At 3/14/2007 04:16:00 PM, Blogger Becca said...


I don't see how this is that different than the law of attraction. Attraction theory doesn't necessarily mean that you attract a particular illness, but that you attract illness in general because of a lack of balance. In other words, if you are focused on the negative, more negative things will happen.

By re-focusing on what you want, instead of the problems, it helps to change the percentage of power that you are talking about. It is about surrendering your belief in "what I am experiencing now" and re-creating in your mind a new and more powerful "what is".

Many people that believe in the law of attraction also firmly believe in God, and that he is helping us to do this if we are open to it.

I hope that I said this clearly; sometimes it is hard to be clear with such powerful topics.

Love you!!!

At 3/15/2007 09:25:00 AM, Anonymous Sandy in Utah said...

I love your call to action, Laura. Indeed, it is challenging to stick to our spiritual guns (so to speak) when faced with persistent "erroneous general belief." I am grateful to have made some small strides in being able to recognize the ever-presence of God (and the coincident truth of being) in the midst of seemingly formidable and unsettling human conditions. This passage from Science and Health has always been a source of strength and comfort to me:

"Undisturbed amid the jarring testimony of the material senses, Science, still enthroned, is unfolding to mortals the immutable, harmonious, divine Principle, -- is unfolding Life and the universe, ever present and eternal. (p. 306:25)

I have found that, if I am persistent and faithful in applying the truths of Christian Science in a particularly challenging situation, this unfoldment often occurs when things seem at their worst and there is temptation to despair. Then, with the healing, comes the humbling thought, "Why was I so worried?...God was with me the whole time."

Thanks, again, Laura. And to answer your question, Yes, I'm with you!

At 3/15/2007 11:26:00 AM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

Laura - Thank you so much for this post. Wish I had read it yesterday as somethings were seeming very overwhelming, kind of like you referred to that you are facing, not in my control but seem to be in another's. This morning as I woke up, this sentence in Science and Health kept coming to me: "The good in human affections must have ascendancy over the evil and the spiritual over the animal, or happiness will never be won." (61:4-6) I know all involved in this situation I am facing lately have good intent, so that must win out and bless everyone and ensure happiness. And if good is winning, that means God is - as She must as she is the only power anyway! :)

Anyway, thanks for the great addition and lift to my thoughts for these next days! Am with you - as always, my friend!


At 3/15/2007 02:31:00 PM, Blogger Kate said...

hey babe...

have been thinking alot about this "big healing" thing...and one of the thoughts that I am hanging on to with this is the word BIG...another word might be MOST..and Mrs. Eddy says that what we most need is the prayerful desire for growth in grace expressed in patience, meekness, love and good each instance of our mastering these "qualities" in however small a a BIG healing...the rest is gravy!

love you...and I am with you 100% of the way..


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