Friday, December 29, 2006

On to birth control

To the reader who commented with the question about Principle:
I'll be addressing that topic in next week's blog,
so keep your eyes open!

It seemed funny to be ending the year with this subject, until I checked on and learned that October is frequently the month of highest birth rates. So this goes out to all the folks dedicating January to welcoming a new little one into their lives—in nine months or so. [grin]

So, to answer the question from the other day, to me, the birth control decision falls under the heading of "What's the better belief?" (I wrote about this in the context of nutrition some months ago.) Basically, as we work toward the spiritual ultimate of all things, there is a day-to-day that we need to deal with in the meantime.

You might sort through birth control choices this way (I've put them in no particular order):

  • Having sex with no birth control when you're willing to have a child, but not necessarily actively wanting one.
  • Having sex and using chemical means to avoid pregnancy.
  • Having sex and using withdrawal or some other last moment thing to avoid pregnancy.
  • Having sex with no birth control when you do actively want a child.
  • Having sex and not using birth control, even though you don't want a child.
  • Having sex and using mechanical means to avoid pregnancy.
  • Having sex and using the rhythm method to avoid pregnancy.
  • Having sex and choosing a birth control method that both partners are comfortable with until you do want a child.
  • Not having sex unless you actively want a child.

Hmmm, there's a lot of "having sex" options up there! And there are probably others I didn't think of. We all know the relative risks and responsibilities of each of them. This is not a lesson in birth control options, however. What I'm wanting to point out is that *all* of the above fall into the "gray area" I've written about before as well.

The entire issue stems from the belief that we are born into this body to begin with. That sex is the creator, and that biological procreation is life. However, from an entirely spiritual perspective, creation is already complete, finished. God, Spirit, spoke and it was done. (See Science and Health, 557:22.) We're not creating anything.

So what is this physical existence? One giant gray area. Nothing we decide humanly is an absolute—it's all relative, all dependent on the situation and circumstances.

The question then becomes, what's the highest right under the given circumstances? Chances are when you read the list above, some jumped out to you as totally wrong, others were acceptable although a clear compromise with matter, and others expressed an ideal or maybe even a goal.

These are your private conclusions. Only you can determine what works for you. And, if you're a student of Christian Science, only you can examine the teachings to see what they're telling you on this subject. Different people will come to different conclusions based on their own reading and where they are on their spiritual journey. There is no one right answer.

When I talk with people about this and similar "gray area" issues, I try to help them cultivate a direct line to Spirit. "The intercommunication is always from God to His idea, man" (ibid., p. 284). In that equation, there's no one between you and God who can or should tell you what to do. There are a lot of issues to think about and pray over, but only you can discern what is the highest right—the better belief—for your situation.

What we need to resist is the desire to take the easy way out, to have someone just tell us what to do. We need to wrestle through the issues and come to our own conclusions. But I've seen that doing so and then consistently living our lives according to the "better belief" concept is guaranteed to ratchet us upward, step by step. Applying this process to every decision you face in this gray area of human existence, and you'll find the mist clearing and spiritual reality easier to see.

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At 12/29/2006 01:32:00 PM, Blogger Kate said...

to quote....well, someone...I just can't think who: "Good answer!"

love you and love your candor...hugs, Kate


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