Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Healers don't have to be perfect

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Great entry on my friend Emily's blog the other day: On the nature of healing. It's a crystal clear example of how selflessness heals not only another but also ourselves.

What her story reminded me of is the fact that you don't have to be perfect yourself before you can heal others. Thank God! I'm talking about human perfection, meaning a person with no problems or faults. If we had to be perfect people first, no one would ever become a healer.

I learned this lesson most strongly after reading Gillian Gill's Mary Baker Eddy. This comprehensive biography of the discoverer of Christian Science really tells her story in detail, warts and all. You see her getting angry, hurt, impatient—yet you also see her brilliance, her devotion, and her love for God, her students and the world. Mary Baker Eddy the human being was not perfect. This taught me that I didn't need to wait until I was perfect to learn to heal. I became a practitioner—a spiritual healer—shortly after reading that biography.

This lesson had deepened since I started this blog. At first, I wondered if "telling it like it is" with my own spiritual journey would keep people from calling me for help. If I showed my own struggles, wouldn't people think I couldn't handle theirs? But then I found exactly the opposite to be true. When I wrote about my recent demonstrations, I would often hear from people needing help in the same arenas. They didn't need me to be light years ahead of them in order for me to be helpful—just a few weeks was sometimes enough.

Sometimes, too, I've even been still in the middle of something when someone calls me for help on the same issue. I wrote about one instance of this here.

My point is, don't let anything keep you from healing, even your own estimation of personal flaws or unreadiness. Turns out the flaws are actually not really a part of you anyway, so there's no need for them to get in your way. If something presents itself to you for healing, have at it. If it's coming to your attention, you're the one God's appointed to deal with it, whether you think you're ready or not. *God* thinks you're ready, so the fact is, you've already won.

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At 12/20/2006 08:07:00 AM, Anonymous Dennis R. (Big Raff) said...

I used to be what some derisively call a faith healer. I an ordained minister, although I have not preached for many years.

I used to pray for the sick by the laying on of hands. What used to amaze me, was when I felt most unworthy I saw results.

Also, I noticed in working with some powerful healers, that when the person being prayed for would be someone some people would consider unworthy, that they received just as much or more from God.

This led me to the belief that God truly is no respector of persons.


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