Friday, November 03, 2006

Harmony's selfhood

Just got back from a morning meeting that went much longer than expected. And in that meeting, which was with a true spiritual pioneer that I know, we talked about harmony.

I've written before about harmony, in the sense that to me the goal of spiritual progress is to increase harmony, whatever we perceive that to be. Harmony for one person might be learning how to stand up for themselves in a fight, for another it might be leaving self behind and not fighting. It depends on your perspective what you think increased harmony is, and we can strive to achieve it with increased spiritual understanding.

This can make it seem like harmony is relative or subjective. Yesterday in my study I read this startling sentence from Mary Baker Eddy:

God is harmony's selfhood.

--Unity of Good p. 13

Harmony has a selfhood? This concept is really challenging me! There is the perceived increase of harmony on the human level: better health, freer supply, more loving relationships. Then there is the ultimate harmony on the spiritual level: perfection, joy, Love itself. This ultimate harmony has a selfhood, and it is God.

To me, this means that harmony is one with Mind, with Soul. Harmony is intelligent and self-expressive. Harmony is the law, which could also be said, Harmony is Principle. Harmony is Love, that benevolent force that governs our existence as its creation.

So harmony is not just a relative thing that depends on our perception, but has its own independent existence as divine Entity. I don't merely invoke harmony, I am created by it. My participation in harmony is not something I add to my life but something that increasingly unfolds.

One of the things I'm learning from this is that while sometimes the definition of increased harmony is obvious to me, other times I need to let it be revealed. And I can dwell in its presence without putting parameters on it. I can fill my thought with harmony and then witness its appearing in my life.

Have a harmonious weekend!

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