Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Why we need children

This is an entry from CNN's Anderson Cooper 360º blog I've been meaning to share. Please take a few minutes and read it in its entirety:

Why Oprah Never Had Children
by Jeff Koinange (CNN Africa Correspondent)

I'm just as moved reading it again as I was the first time. Oprah Winfrey is impressive in so many ways, and to read about her channeling it to benefit the children—girls—of Africa makes me so grateful.

So many times it seems that kids are let down by adults. Governments don't value them, people in authority don't respect them, schools don't meet their needs, even close family members sometimes betray them. Yet of course every day around the globe there are parents and neighbors and teachers and representatives doing all they can for the kids in their sphere.

The undeniable truth is that children are humanity's future. Do we want that future scarred at the outset with memories of brutality and pain, or what is sometimes worse, too much indulgence? Or are we guaranteeing for the future increased nobility, generosity, brotherly kindness, intelligence, self-sacrifice through our interactions with children?

I speak as one who has done my best but made mistakes in this regard. Mary Baker Eddy writes, "Nothing unworthy of perpetuity should be transmitted to children" (Science and Health 61:27). The flipside of this of course is proactively transmitting those values and virtues that need to be perpetuated. There's only one way to do this: by living them ourselves.

Like I say, I've done my best with the wisdom I had at any given hour. But, some things I would have liked to keep at bay did get by me, while other more positive things had to develop more within me before I could express them.

Yet I keep trying. In a lot of ways, my own spiritual progress has been fueled by wanting to present the best to the young people around me. It could be said that while young people need us, we need them even more because they keep us honest and reveal how we need to grow. They hold us accountable even as we provide for them. The condition of their lives shows how much we care.

I need that accountability. So, it should be no surprise to hear that as soon as my home emptied out this fall, I signed up as a mentor at the local high school.

It doesn't matter if we're the lowliest laborer or the wealthiest multi-gajillionaire. We can change the future by loving the children. And along the way, they'll change us.

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