Thursday, October 05, 2006

Some tips on healing

I talk a lot about healing being transformation of thought. What's the best method to help someone else experience this transformation?

If you want to be a spiritual healer, it's important to gain this skill. It has a lot to do with communication. I have to admit I learned a lot through trial and error. I tried a lot of tactics early on in my career of helping people through prayer, some of which really backfired. Now, though, I think I've gained some level of understanding of what works.

Some things I've learned to avoid

  • Don't look for the cause of the problem. Since in Christian Science the end of the story, every time, will be that the problem is nothing, there's no point in trying to piece together the vagaries of mortal mind that made it spring up in the first place. Querying the patient about cause only serves to solidify the problem in thought, so I avoid this.
  • Don't psychoanalyze the patient. Freud and his derivatives have permeated our society enough that we all know just enough to be dangerous. Mother/father issues, traumatic events, past hurts, etc., are all there clamoring for power and validation. I find it works better to keep the patient in the now. Deal with today, and whatever insights about the past that might be helpful will reveal themselves naturally, but only to be dispensed with.
  • Don't be "holier-than-thou." Sometimes I'll ask myself, Who made you the Christ? I remain convinced that there's nothing special about me per se. Perhaps I've spent more time thinking about spirituality than others and that's why they've called me. But I’m no saint and am working things out myself on an ongoing basis. I have no particular spiritual authority, no especial holiness, that you don't have. We're all as holy as God. So I see healing as a collaboration rather than as a top-down kind of thing.
  • Don't present yourself as knowing all the answers. I may take a strong authoritative stand mentally as I pray for a patient, but the patient will never hear this come out of my mouth. When spoken out loud, strong statements can come across as too absolute, too unfeeling. With the patient I present spiritual ideas to consider, saying, "This may be of interest," or "You may find this helpful," or the ever-ready, "Let me tell you a story." Then they can decide for themselves what line of thought to pursue.

Some things that have worked for me

  • Lead with Love. The first thing I try genuinely to feel and then clearly to establish with anyone I talk to is that I care about them as a person. Their feelings are important to me, I feel compassion for what they're going through. In this way, I'm striving to represent divine Love in their experience at its most practical. The Love healers have to show is not some distant, cold thing on a mountaintop. Rather, it's the fire that warms and the heart that yearns to help.
  • Help the patient find their own answers. My best prayerful work has not resulted in me imparting to the patient what they need to know. Instead, it results in the light coming directly to the patient themselves. Often they'll articulate their inspiration in a way that I wouldn't have, but it has meaning for them. I rejoice in this. It doesn't have to be my answers in order to heal. It's God's answers for them.
  • Let them know you've had to work these things out yourself as well. I'm free with sharing what I've learned in my experience, sometimes as recently as a few weeks prior. I try to explain the steps I had to take to get where I needed to be. Rather than setting myself up as someone who never has any problems, I tell about how my spiritual journey has enabled me to overcome my problems. People find this encouraging, since they see that they could do so as well.
  • Look for cause only in Spirit. Starting with God always, reasoning from that only Cause to the perfect effect of that Cause, I strive to understand that the person calling me is already in that space of perfection. They didn't do anything to deserve what they're facing, they aren't predisposed to anything harmful that can influence them. We can peel off those imposed layers one by one if we start with God.

Those are just some ideas about healing I'm offering today because it's been on my mind. I hope it deconstructs a bit the "mystery" of the healer's role, and shows you that you can do it, too.

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Very helpful post!

Sorry that I missed the open house today. I was returning from a weekend away and didn't get home until after 6pm.

At 10/12/2006 07:41:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you for the post.


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