Monday, October 16, 2006

New feature: category search

Good morning! This after a weekend hard at work pointing and clicking and typing one-word summaries of blog entries.

Alert readers will have noticed the appearance of tags at the end of every new blog entry, along with a new feature in the right navigation called Category Search. When I'm done with it (the "under construction" heading will be gone), you'll be able to browse my entire cache of blog entries by category.

This is a great piece of functionality I've seen on other blogs and finally committed to doing myself. Of course, what this implies is having to go back and edit every blog entry since the dawn of time to get those tags in there. So, I just started at the beginning and began to chew through. I'm about 33% done tagging about 450 entries. Like I said, when I'm done, the "under construction" will be gone.

You can use the tags several different ways:

  • Click on a tag at the end of an entry to be taken to—try typing that ten times fast, I can't yet do it without a typo. Of course, it looks like a typo, but is a great service! Once there, you'll see all the other entries tagged that way.
  • You can search directly from the right navigation using the drop down menu. The ten most recent entries similarly tagged will appear after the screen refreshes right below the drop down menu.
  • You can pick something from the drop down and click the tiny square (there! did it!) icon to the right of the drop down. This will take you to you-know-where and show you all the entries for that tag.
  • Once on, you can also browse through all the tags, which are listed on the right of my page on that site.
  • I've also provided a direct link to my page under the Category Search box if you want to browse first.

Phew! Even though I'm only a third done, there's still plenty there. So, have at it! Test it out for me! Please let me know if the functionality works for you and if you find it useful. Also, feel free to comment on a particular entry if you like it—I'll see all the comments, and it helps me to know what resonates with people.

I'm hoping this new service it will provide a broader picture of what's on my blog. I know I'm having fun reviewing all the prior entries, it's like visiting with old friends.

Have a great Monday!

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