Friday, October 20, 2006

Nerve damage in ear healed

Today I thought you'd enjoy a story that was told at the Spiritual Open House two weeks ago (I was so impressed I asked the person to write it up for me afterwards):

I sometimes wonder if I have ever had a healing in Christian Science. I was raised on the concept of God's perfect child, and my identity as a reflection of God. I understand that I am a spiritual being at my core and God is my Principle. I've loved the idea that all mankind has that same identity and that we are all interconnected. The issue of healing, however has been illusive. Some of the ideas that sometimes come to me, right are wrong are , "Why heal something that is unreal?"... and "Give unto Ceaser that which is Ceasar's...", meaning if it hurts and my prayers aren't working , than do something that matter understands and responds to...

I have never thought those ideas were necessarily "right"...but I never felt that they took anything away from my essential Spirituality. In fact, I know they don't.

There was a long time that I did not consider myself a Christian Scientist, although the Science and Health stayed in my household. I read and studied and wrote arguments to parts I didn't get, and embraced parts I did get... The fundamentals were always there.and the strongest of these was Love.

One year, during a period of extraordinary stress, I woke up and could not hear out of one ear. It was the day of a particularly frightening political deadline that we were not keeping. I had long rationalized away my fear of that deadline, but here I was with a loss of hearing. The night before I could hear my mother 6000 miles away calling my name...It looked like listening to that (perhaps) imagined voice had damaged something. My husband, unafraid, calmly suggested I just needed the wax cleaned from my ears and we went off to the clinic.

Once there, the doctor tested the ears, peeked inside and curtailed his usual remarks of seeing little monsters in there (something he would say to my kids). Standing a room's length away, he spoke to me. I heard the voice but could not make out the words. He surprised me when he told me that I had nerve damage in my ear and had not only lost my hearing, but would not regain it. I was shuffled off to a specialist and an audiologist who measured the 1/3 hearing loss in that ear. I was prescribed some vitamins and given a shot and told to return in two weeks. The prognosis was still...the hearing will not return.

Surprisingly , I was unconcerned. I did not believe that my hearing would not return, nor that it had been damaged in any way. Christian Science and the idea that I am a child of God and can be nothing but perfect was an ingrained understanding. Somehow, even with my arguments and struggles to understand, it was supremely natural for me to remain unafraid during this crisis. I went home, continued with work and gradually, over the next two weeks, with much ringing and commotion in the ear, my hearing returned. When I went back to the audiologist, she found my hearing within normal range and exclaimed, "In twenty years of doing this job you are only the fourth to ever regain hearing."

I was of course, grateful and knew this was God's law at work. I wasn't sure it would count as a Christian Science healing, but I did know that it was God's Principle proving itself. It didn't matter what name I gave myself, or how much I thought I lacked in understanding... or who tried to help...God was at work anyway... and my identity as God's expression was and is untouched.

I gave this testimony very hesitantly one Wednesday evening. The response was gratifying... The experience didn't just count for me it counted for my church community too.

I love the honesty. On Monday, I'll share some more thoughts that came from the Open House discussion.

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At 10/20/2006 01:58:00 PM, Anonymous reuben said...

been about a year since i cleaned out my medicine cabinet-everything,maybe theres lotion and epson salts they too have to go eventually, being a student of c.s.
had retired from my job and was diagnosed diabetic? was more or less confined to my bed at one time and the thought of being an invalid was there. again being a student of c.s.,i continued my study and of course contrary to principals i was reading- i took my insulin, pain pills,measured my blood sugar, watched what i eat,always in fear of becoming an invalid cause i couldn't walk one block without pain.i continued studying, looking up the word invalid in the dict. it says: not valid!!!!!today i ride my bike regularly which i loved to do before and after my "illness"(?)as christ said ..."worry not what you eat or drink..."as mbe says"... christians rejoice in secret bounty..."!!!!!!!!!!reuben


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