Thursday, October 19, 2006

More about teeth and healing

In response to yesterday's blog entry, Dennis (Big Raff) posted:

May I ask a question? If one can pray through to heal the infection, why not the tooth itself?

Although not a Christian Scientist, I do study it so my question is an honest one.

Along these lines, one problem I had once in going to the dentist to have crown, was that it took 5 shots for the Novacain to take effect. I was reading S&H and my faith in it must have lessened.

I love Athos's posting in response:

Dennis, you are right -- there are no "exclusions" from the healing effects of Christian Science. Having said that, still the study and practice of CS is very individual. For instance, my mom had a tooth extracted with no Novocain, but I prefer to have several shots for a tooth filling! The fear, to me, of the pain is pretty strong. But not to my mom. So, each of us is working on eliminating our own fears with our individual understanding of CS. Bottomline, healing of anything in the material condition is possible. Hope this helps.

I remember my sister telling me years ago that she experienced something like Dennis did, meaning she was so "prayed up" when she went in to get all her wisdom teeth removed that the anesthesia had no effect. She just stayed awake. Finally they got her under and did the extractions. Interesting stuff happens sometimes when you're relying on metaphysics.

I agree with Athos entirely that Christian Science—the Science of the Christ—*can* heal anything. Since the door is wide open for healing, we human sometimes narrow the field down to the specific thing we're trying to heal at this moment. In my story yesterday, what really needed healing was the job situation. The tooth pain was a mere symptom of that disharmony.

Yes, with spiritual growth in another direction and more dedicated to healing the tooth, Christian Science could have restored the tooth. I believe that completely. However, in my case at that time, the overwhelming disharmony was the job. I needed to feel God's love in that direction, and that included resolving the tooth situation the way it did.

To me, healing is the movement from perceived disharmony to acknowledged harmony. Any movement in that direction is healing, no matter what it may look like to someone else. Every individual is on their own path. We cannot say for another, or even for ourselves in the future, what step on that path will bring us increased harmony.

We should hold high expectations for Christian Science and for spiritual healing. The whole point of spiritual healing is that what seems impossible to the physical senses is indeed possible with God. It's healthy I think to expect the best results. It's also healthy to rejoice and be grateful for *any* demonstration of good that brings us increased harmony, and to acknowledge God's power at work.

So my answer to Dennis's original question: "If one can pray through to heal the infection, why not the tooth itself?" Exactly! Why not? If that's the way you're impelled, go for it. If you're impelled in another direction and you achieve healing results, that's cause for rejoicing, too. God lets us know what we need at any particular time, and we can rely on Him for direction.

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At 10/19/2006 08:01:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like how this post makes me smile and look forward to healing in my future. hope is a hard thing inspire - i hope others enjoyed it as much.


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