Monday, October 30, 2006

Be there, and be heard

(a continuation of Friday's post...)

Remember the story of Joshua at the battle of Jericho? "The walls came a tumblin' down…" This is like voting. No, really.

Joshua, as you'll recall, had the city of Jericho to storm. The city was surrounded by a impregnable wall. God told Joshua to gather the people and have them circle the city. At the appointed time, they would all shout together "with a very great shout." When the people all shouted together, the wall fell down flat.

I'm sure you get the metaphor. Voting is like that shout. There are times when we need to all be heard together, and it adds up to a mighty voice. Your voice is important in that shout. It would be weakened without your voice. So, vote!

And as promised, here's the healing story:

One time when I was scheduled to attend a regular membership meeting of my church, I got a severe infection in one eye that was pretty distracting and made it difficult to drive. The agenda as distributed prior to the meeting didn't have anything special on it, so I had the option of staying home. But for some reason I felt it was important for me to be there. I knew I could not be harmed by doing my duty, so I got myself together and drove over carefully.

A funny thing happened as soon as the meeting started. My eye actually cleared up for the duration of the meeting. I think I was so absorbed in the business at hand that I didn't have space to obsess about my eye, so it just functioned as normal.

Later in the meeting, some new business came up that threatened to put us all into a dither. But I was in the mental space of seeing clearly in more ways than one. The compromise solution that settled everyone back down happened to come from me. I had a role to play that was mine alone.

It *was* important that I be there, and that my voice be heard—or really, that Spirit's voice be heard through me. (There were a few residual symptoms in the eye, but they cleared up entirely within a few days.)

Next week's the big day—be there, and be heard.

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