Friday, October 27, 2006

Be sure to vote!

November 7 is Election Day here in the United States, and although the presidency is not at stake, the election results will have enormous impact on control of Congress for the next two years.

I have some very intelligent, dear friends, though, who have told me that they never vote. They say they don't know enough about the issues to cast a meaningful ballot. And, what difference does one vote make anyway?

Well, today I'd like to pose a spiritual way to look at voting. (This is actually a re-visit of an article I had in the Christian Science Sentinel in 1996! I'm very keen on voting.)

I've written before about letting your voice be heard here, here and here. Those entries were more about the impact of free expression on us as individuals. It blesses us individually to be able to find our own voice and use it, because we then become more aligned with what Spirit intends for us. We are each unique creations of infinite Spirit. Consequently, it's our nature to sing that one unique song that only we can sing.

But what about when all creation sings together? The mighty chorus that is all Spirit's ideas, raising their voices to praise and rejoice? Think of the power of that song!

Yet, even if 9,999,999 voices out of 10,000,000 are raised, something would be lacking if that one lone voice were silent. The expression wouldn't be complete. I'm convinced that's not what Spirit intends. The Divine, which is infinite Love and Soul, expresses itself through its creation even as a conductor of a symphony gains a reputation not from his or her own playing but from how the orchestra plays. We are God's expression; He needs us so that He will be known.

To me, elections are one way this translates to our human scene. It's probably true that none of us are fully informed on all the issues. Certainly I've voted for many candidates on the ballot when I'd never seen their names before. Yet, to me, elections are an aggregate snapshot of who we are as a people right now, informed or not. Our government is shaped by who we are as a group at the moment of election.

This is in fact the only way to get fair representation. We all need to go in, cast our votes, then see the results. If we're not happy with the results, it's a kick in the pants to make sure we're happier next time. In the meantime, we try hard to work with each other within the framework that our voting established.

This doesn't work as well if some people don't vote. Voices are then missing. The snapshot doesn't then include everyone. Afterward, there may be griping or apathy about the results rather than engagement. Democracy is weakened by this, and doesn't come as close to expressing the divine symphony of Spirit.

On Monday, I'll share a healing story that is related to voting. In the meantime, be sure a trip to your polling place is on your schedule for the following Tuesday!

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