Thursday, September 28, 2006

Preventative maintenance

Another aspect of healing I'd like to explore is preventative maintenance.

You know how with a car you change the oil and lube the gears to keep it running smoothly? That's what a daily spiritual regimen is all about.

If you take the time every day (or as often as possible) to orient your thought Spiritward, you're much more prepared for anything discordant that comes your way. And, how "tuned up" your thought is can either quickly dispatch with problems or avoid them entirely.

In other words, by approaching every situation with the mindset of harmony, you bring harmony to it rather than getting sucked into the vortex of discord.

I can't begin to calculate all the trouble this has saved me from over the years. Some of it I'm not even conscious of as trouble, because when things come my way I'm instinctively looking for the activity of Spirit. Therefore I get the most good out of what others might think of as troublesome. I may see an interpersonal squabble as an opportunity to express more Love, or see an interruption as part of God's will for me that day. If I don't take it in as a problem, well, lo and behold, it isn't one.

Other times it's a more conscious "avert" (which I've written about before). An example is when the mornings begin to get colder and I sometimes awaken with a bit of stuffiness in my nose. Because I have a mindset of health and wellness, my assumption is that the stuffiness will clear up as I get up and get moving. I don't entertain any other possible conclusion. I am healthy, therefore I am not stuffed up. So, this is what I experience.

Basically, as soon as something appears on my radar, I have the habit of accepting only harmony about it. I had to build this habit with that daily regimen I mentioned, but now it's more second nature and I can't imagine moving through the world any other way.

So, is it time for a tune up?

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At 11/03/2006 12:42:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laura: Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your efforts to put your practice on-line and out there as straight-forwardly as you do. I've found some very helpful blogs and thoughts, including this one. Keep up the good work. Best from a fellow CSer from Northern CA.


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