Thursday, September 21, 2006

The presence of God

What does the presence of God feel like?

I know to some people, the idea of God's presence isn't necessarily comforting, because they think of Him as a critical or judgmental being who punishes. No one wants to have that lurking over your shoulder.

Unfortunately, the word "God" is burdened with so many human concepts like that. Centuries of spiritual growth for humanity have led us to a higher view, yet the former still clings, even unconsciously. That's why I think it's so important to periodically take out and shake up the definition we're holding for God. Are we sure we're dealing with the highest ideal?

I know that what I experience as the presence of God is directly related to the understanding that God is Love. That's the starting point for me. And anything that does not coincide with Love doesn't get space in my thinking when I'm contemplating what God is.

Love fueled my spiritual growth for many years. It took me a long time to even begin to get comfortable with the concept of universal, ever-present, omnipotent Love. Basically, I had to get used to the idea. I had to make it part of my being. Eventually it became something I could rely on, something that I could turn to whenever blackness threatened. It became less theoretical, more solid. Now, it is Truth to me.

This is the foundation of all that came after. I then began to build on it. Brick upon brick, my spiritual storehouse of ideas and inspiration is built on the foundation of God as Love. Ideas like God as Mind, as Truth, as Life, solidified for me as well, all with the inherent requirement that God is Love. There is no Life without Love, there is no Truth without Love, etc.

Gradually, too, I began to conceive of the possibility that existence itself is only within spiritual reality. Existence came to be characterized for me with ideas like harmony, peace, wisdom, grace. Anything outside that reality began to seem false, hollow, unreal. I could see through the unreal and accept only harmony.

There was a time when feeling the presence of God was a startling moment of inspiration for me. Love would overpower my senses and I'd see, briefly, from a new perspective. The more this happened, the less I was satisfied with anything else. So I strove to cultivate that inspiration, monthly, weekly, daily.

So now I have to say that the presence of God for me is steady, strong, peace. An awareness that all is right, that harmony is Truth, that Spirit is real. Now this feeling doesn't ebb and flow as much—it is with me more often than not. When I lose sight of it, I'm instantly aware that something is off, and I know what steps to take to reorient myself toward it.

God is present. His presence never changes—it is our understanding of it that grows.

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At 9/27/2006 07:02:00 PM, Anonymous rev. Veronika said...


What is God’s Presence like?
Is it like the scent of a rose?
Is it like a sunset?
Is it like being in love?

It is all of these and none like these
For God’s Presence is unique and all.

It is the grace of love in the heart
The love which has no reason
The love which is all power
And yet so gentle that its touch is hardly felt.

God’s Presence is a present
Undeserved and freely given
If I make It my All.


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