Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hello, I'm back! (and wedding news)

Miss me? :)

I think I mentioned before I was away for a wedding. My entire immediate family of parents, siblings, and sibling kids attended, some of whom hadn't seen each other in a couple years.

The bride was my niece, daughter of the big sister I've mentioned before. She's the first of her generation to get married, and she sounds eager to have children. And so it goes on.

I think if I could characterize my family, it's mostly about unconditional love. Everywhere I looked this weekend there were people I love and who love me. It's a real strength that gets us through tough times.

During the toasts, the groom's father got up and talked about this marriage needing all of us to support it. As witnesses to the event, it is incumbent on us to be there when things get rough. We're a part of their marriage even as this young man is now a new member of our family.

I've often wondered what's the difference between the day before the wedding and the day after. I grew up in the era when it was popular to think of marriage as Just a Piece of Paper. But I don't think that's true anymore. To me, the wedding day is the day you go public. Certainly you've told everyone individually that you're with someone, but the wedding brings it all into focus, celebrates it, holds it up for all to see. And you go forward with a new status, linked in the eyes of strangers in many ways you weren't before.

There was so much love and joy emanating from the couple during all their vows and through the ceremony. It couldn't have been lovelier. And my little niece was absolutely radiant with happiness. Her new husband loves her so dearly and appreciates her so completely. They promised, among other things, to strive to see the spark of the divine within each other always.

I think we've just added another strong marriage to the world.

May Christ, Truth, be present at every bridal altar to turn the water into wine and to give to human life an inspiration by which man's spiritual and eternal existence may be discerned.

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