Monday, August 14, 2006

Why prayer always works

It seems pretty self-evident that prayer doesn't always bring the results we wanted when we started praying.

I went to see Oliver Stone's World Trade Center this weekend. It's quite moving, my son and I cried in all the right places, and of course it was gratifying to see the two rescued officers reunited with their families. But a lot of people were praying that day for their missing loved ones. And, unless you were actually outside the buildings, chances are you went down with them. The 20 that escaped from the rubble—did they have better prayers on their side? Did the families of those who were lost not pray as well?

In fact, I hear this a lot in my practice. "I must not be praying the right way," people will say to me. I've read books that place the blame for unwanted outcomes squarely on the shoulders of the victims, claiming that if their thought had only been spiritually "correct," the misfortune would never have happened.

I rail against this. God is not mocked in this way. He does not play favorites, nor are our lives a cosmic roll of the dice. There is an order to the universe that is in play right now. What I believe is that in order to understand more deeply, we need to see from a universal perspective.

When we pray, we are fighting a larger battle than with just the particular circumstance confronting us. When we achieve harmony through prayer, we are winning the way not just for ourselves, but for all creation. We are soldiers of light in the army of Spirit, and our enemy is not our own circumstances but anything that is the opposite of that light.

Every time any one of us invites Spirit to the situation through prayer, we are opening the window for light to shine in. It is a battle that goes on moment by moment, day by day, millennia by millennia. It sometimes occurs that we as individuals do not see immediate results of the light we've helped bring to the world. But we have still done our part in the overall battle. And if we keep at it, we too shall see the light.

Every prayer that day in September five years ago worked. Every prayer was a protest for the light against the darkness. Spirit filled all space then, as it does now. Darkness cannot win against that light.

So keep shining the light with your prayers. It is working. Our world is making progress, step by step. Not all of it is pretty or smooth, but it is happening.

Your prayers work. Always.

From Science and Health:

Casting out evil and fear enables truth to outweigh error. The only course is to take antagonistic grounds against all that is opposed to the health, holiness, and harmony of man, God's image.

What I term chemicalization is the upheaval produced when immortal Truth is destroying erroneous mortal belief. Mental chemicalization brings sin and sickness to the surface, forcing impurities to pass away, as is the case with a fermenting fluid.

The lightnings and thunderbolts of error may burst and flash till the cloud is cleared and the tumult dies away in the distance. Then the raindrops of divinity refresh the earth.

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