Thursday, August 24, 2006

Not really empty

There are some wonderful responses in the earlier Empty nesting post, just wanted to make sure you saw them.

This one from Sandy is especially inspiring:

For me, the key to meeting the challenges of an "empty nest" was to realize that it wasn't truly empty at all. To be sure, the parenting process changed radically when our only daughter left home after college for her first job in a distant city. And I will admit that it hasn't always been easy. Sentimentalist that I am, I occasionally find myself looking back wistfully on the days when the whole family was together under one roof every evening after school and work. However, I find strength and comfort in Mrs. Eddy's counsel that "Home is the dearest spot on earth, and it should be the centre, though not the boundary, of the affections." (S&H 58:21) Now, although I can't sit beside her on the living room couch every night, I am with her daily in prayer, and emails and phone calls provide a good way to share both news and inspiration. Letting go isn't meant to be easy, I've decided, but it opens new opportunities for growth for child and parent alike.

I love the idea that it's not truly empty. After all, divine Love fills all space. There is no void or vacuum of Love.

I'm reminded of a passage from "We Knew Mary Baker Eddy" ( a really terrific volume that I wish were still in print), in the reminiscence by Emma C. Shipman about Eddy's final class:

After [Mrs. Eddy] asked about the great need of love in everything we do, a pupil asked, "Do you mean love of person?" Mrs. Eddy replied, in substance, No, I mean love of good. Then she was asked, "How shall we know whether our love is personal or impersonal?" Her reply, in substance, was, When your love requires an object to call it forth, you will know it is personal; when it flows out freely to all, you will know it is impersonal.

Loving with no object? Can I do that? It's an interesting challenge that empty nesting is placing squarely before me. What does it mean to simply love, letting divine Love flow right through you, without pointing it at something or needing something to remind you? Just being filled with Love, existing in it, experiencing it, expressing it.

Sounds wonderful actually. And not at all empty. Maybe September will be my month of Love.

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