Thursday, July 06, 2006

Like it never was

What does it feel like to put evil behind us, to make it like it never was? I got this really wonderful story in from June in the U.K. that is an inspiring example.

All my life I hated my father, never once did I think I was wrong to do that, he was always very violent, and very often beat my mother. He walked out when my mother was ill, and that was the only thing he ever done that made me happy. After my mothers death my two younger brothers went to live with him, I had a lot of contact with them but my father was never ever mentioned.

One night I was in bed and just put my Science and Health down and was just going to go to sleep, I thought of my father. I had a picture of him in my head, just standing, then I saw all the evil, that I thought was him, but it was outside of him, it had never ever been in him. and I knew in that very second because it had never been in him I had always loved him. anyway the outcome was I no longer hated him, and told my three sisters that I was going to go and see him, as a result we all went and things were put right for us all.

I did not feel like I had been healed as I felt it had never been there so I did not feel like it had been took away if that makes any sense to you. But please Laura, if you can use [this story] to help anyone in any way please do, you can use my name if you want, its up to you because it is the truth. by the time of his death we were all very close to him and he turned out to be a lovely grandfather.

Gratitude just fills my heart when I read that story. We can see all evil like that, as outside the person who is manifesting it, as ready to be shed and destroyed. No matter how long it’s been manifested or how extreme, it’s still ripe for annihilation.

Thank you, June, for this healing example!

Again, God, or good, never made man capable of sin. It is the opposite of good — that is, evil — which seems to make men capable of wrong-doing. Hence, evil is but an illusion, and it has no real basis. Evil is a false belief. God is not its author. The supposititious parent of evil is a lie.

--Science and Health

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