Thursday, July 27, 2006

Day of gratitude

Today is just all about gratitude for the one thing that has shaped my life—Christian Science.

My son's camp posts photos of camper activities, and although I've gotten no phone or snail mail acknowledgement that he actually arrived there, I now have photo evidence. He looks like he's having a great time.

And I'm blown away with gratitude. This camp meant the world to me when I was a kid. I went for twelve summers, and my son is halfway to that point now. Just seeing him in that environment—posting pictures is a great innovation!—brings me back to all the lessons I learned there and how they continue to strengthen my spiritual connection.

It's a Christian Science camp, and there's a real wholesome joy that runs through the place. I remember striving to work out my own life individually in the face of the world's call, but then going back to camp each year for a refresher in what living the truths of Christian Science every minute could feel like, with people who were also living that truth.

So, while I don’t often do this, today is a plug for living the life. Christian Science is 100% positive, gives you total dominion, brings out your best selfhood, fills your days with joy. I owe everything I've accomplished and any peace I've achieved to its teachings.

I don't thank God often enough for the sheer magnitude of the impact Mary Baker Eddy's discovery has had on my life. So thanks for bearing with me—today is that day of gratitude.

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At 7/27/2006 07:00:00 PM, Blogger Miki said...

Dear Laura -
I can only say a big AMEN to all you've said today - I too am immensely grateful for Christian Science and the daily, minute by minute, practical help that it is to me, and all!
Much love


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