Thursday, June 15, 2006

eBay is like God

Have you ever used eBay? It’s this huge online auction. You can search for whatever item you have a hankering for, and bid on it. Others bid on it as well, and the highest bidders win. Sometimes there’s a “buy it now” price as well, that’s generally much higher than the bidding, but you can get what you want instantly that way.

I’ve used eBay a few times, to search for obscure items from my past—a certain kind of spoon, a board game from my childhood, outdated computer equipment, a Cuddly Duddly. They were all there. What’s amazing to me is that no matter how obscure the item is, I’ve been able to find it on eBay. If I didn’t win the bidding war, I know the item will come back again someday.

My daughter recently bid on something, but eventually lost and didn’t get the item. Her friend comforted her with, “Don’t worry, eBay is like God. What you need is always there for you, you’ll find it.”

God supplying our needs, even to the details! There is nothing we need that God doesn’t supply.

I still remember the time with gratitude about the full-length mirror. (I wrote about it from a different angle a year ago.) We were living in LA, poor but happy, and I was new in the Christian Science practice. I idly thought at one point, We really need a full-length mirror. But I knew I couldn’t afford to buy one. I just had the thought, and then let it go.

Within a few weeks, a friend of ours who was moving away gave us a full-length mirror. And it wasn’t just the kind you get at Target, but a 4x5, beveled, elegant piece that had a beauty of its own besides what it reflected. I put it right at the top of the stairs, and thought of God’s wondrous provision every time I checked out my ensemble before heading out.

Have you ever had someone just offer to give you something that you needed, with no strings attached? They don’t need it anymore, and you do. That’s God doing the eBay thing. Matching up supply and demand specifically and effectively.

“Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.” This well-known phrase in Christian Science from Science and Health is not just about the big things. It’s also about the minutiae. Look for it today.

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