Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Coming home

I came home over the weekend.

Saturday I spent much of the day praying about home. As I went deeper into this contemplation, home took on a new meaning for me. I’d often prayed about my home having spiritual qualities; I’d never understood that home is itself a spiritual concept. This opened up some new lines of thought.

Home. Heaven. Harmony. Mary Baker Eddy links these concepts in the glossary of Science and Health. As spiritual concepts, these things are not far off but a present reality. And they are equivalent. How does that work?

What is home? I listed off some attributes in my prayer. Home is:

  • Where you belong
  • Where you are welcomed
  • Where you are loved
  • Where you are understood
  • Where you are safe
  • Where you are at peace
  • Where you are one with a family

Home is your foundation, security, stability. Spiritually, though, I know I have all things at all times. God, good fills all space, so there is no spot where I do not have all those attributes of home. Home is not somewhere I have to go—it’s something I carry with me.

I began to see home as having no borders. Mary Baker Eddy writes, “Home is the dearest spot on earth, and it should be the centre, though not the boundary, of the affections” (p. 58). She’s talking about our earthly home, but remembering the sentence made me see that my spiritual home has no boundary.

Home is not limited to a location or set of people. We have a spiritual home. We are at home in Love. At home in Spirit. At home in Soul. Mind, Truth, Principle, Life. This is where we dwell.

We are always at home. Even as we are being adventurous or entrepreneurial or investigative, we are embraced in home. We bring home with us.

And our home is harmonious. There’s nothing discordant at home. Our homes have “God is Love” over the door. Home is dry and warm and light and cheerful—any discord is temporary, not a true part of home. All is well at home.

And this is heaven. Heaven here and now, in thought, in harmony, at home.

So I’m not letting anything shake my sense of home, my presence in heaven, my life of harmony. Home is all there is.

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