Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So much of beauty is motion

I like to take pictures with my digital camera, especially now that it’s spring. There are incredible colors being displayed by nature, and I want to capture all of them.

When I walked along the river’s edge the other day, I wanted to capture the shimmering of the water. I took this shot:

It’s not a bad shot, but it doesn’t capture what I saw. What you can’t see in the photo is the ripples moving along the surface, sparkling in the light. It’s made me think a new thought: So much of beauty is motion.

Motion to me implies a journey. The wind passes through the maple, and the leaves dance. The blue jay alights on the feeder and nibbles, then is off again in the blink of an eye. The rain leaves its bounty on my roof, which flows through the gutters, which waters the lawn. Movement tells a story of purpose and growth.

That which is making progress doesn’t stand still. Progress is dynamic, not static. Because this is true, I do not need to fear the ride. I have to admit sometimes I just want things to settle down. To stay in one place for a minute or two so I can catch my breath. But truly if the world were to stop, it would be dead.

Infinite Life bursts forth continually. It doesn’t stop and it can’t be stopped. I am on this ride and need to love it. To embrace the changes as they come, no matter how new or outrageous they are. I used to pride myself on loving change for change’s sake, but lately I’ve felt myself resisting. I want things to be predictable. This is the beginning of aging however, and I’m now setting my mind to resist *that.* To resist stultification by embracing change.

Because I do want to stay in motion--it will keep me beautiful.

Here’s some more pictures from that day, hope you enjoy. But keep in mind: a snapshot is only a memory. These flowers and trees have changed even since then.

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