Thursday, May 18, 2006

Inquiring minds

Phew! Had a GREAT experience last night. Went to speak at Sangha, a philosophical/spiritual club at a local high school founded by one of the students. What an incredible group.

I had a few introductory remarks, then they launched right in with question after question. I tried to be intelligent, but could barely keep up! I’d like to stay in touch with all of them, so if any of them are reading this, IM me any time!

One question I’m still noodling on was something like, What do I think is the place of religion? Do I think it’s okay for people to shop around? It’s interesting to me that this came up, because I’m wrestling with it personally as well.

Clearly, many people on their spiritual journey try a lot of things. Others choose to stick to a particular discipline. I guess I fall into the latter camp. I mean, I enjoy and am enriched by finding out about other teachings and other practices, and I love how it increases my understanding of another’s point of view. But I myself only practice Christian Science.

Something came out of my mouth when I answered that I’m still learning from. I said something like, it’s a choice between letting the discipline shape you or shaping your own journey yourself. To me, both are definitely valid, I’m not trying to say one is superior to the other. And my choice has been to let the discipline shape me, letting my deeper study of this one teaching and practice work changes in me and lead me on my path.

For, I’ve always had a problem with ego. Basically, I’ve got one. I’m far too inclined to think my way is the best way, that I know everything, that I’m always right. So for me, the more spiritually strengthening path is to be more humble in my approach. Hence, I try to submit. I let it shape me.

For someone else, I can see how too much submission would be counterproductive. Some folks need more of a sense of empowerment, of self-actualization, of determining their own destiny. This is a step of progress for them, and I applaud it.

This would probably be the worst thing for me, though! So I’ve committed to Christian Science. I stand for it, it’s part of my self-definition. And I’ll let that study and practice continue to shape me going forward. After all, it’s never let me down, and it’s taken me on the grandest adventure ever. For how else would I have found myself in a room with all those inquiring minds?

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