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The "gifted" practitioner

Vicki’s next question (first was yesterday):

Question 2: After reading many testimonies of healing, I'm wondering, in your experience, what it is that makes the difference between a good and a truly "gifted" Practitioner or Pray-er.

Thanks for this question. Let me answer in part with a story.

When I was living in LA, I worked with a practitioner throughout one of my pregnancies. We had weekly meetings at her office, and she wanted to hear all about my life. She did many things I’d never had a practitioner do before, such as giving me nutrition advice and even insisting on a place where I should purchase a crib.

Eventually I began to get uncomfortable with her more humanistic approach. I’d always been taught that Christian Science practitioners, since they are not trained in physical anatomy or psychology, should never presume to counsel on those things. Also, a practitioner is not supposed to give specific human advice, but rather to open the way for the patient to see the divine will clearly themselves.

I met with another practitioner to see if I should change. I loved this new one, but she wasn’t available to work for me through the delivery. So I went back to prayer to discern what I should do.

And it occurred to me that I was 100% healthy. What I’d hired the original practitioner for was working. The pregnancy was going smoothly, and I had no qualms about the home delivery I was planning.

I realized this: Christian Science works. It doesn’t matter who is applying it or what their personality foibles are. If they’re treating according to the Science, which I felt this practitioner must have been doing because of the results I was experiencing, all was well.

I did write her a note clarifying that while I appreciated the effectiveness of her treatment, I didn’t need her human advice. She received this information with good grace and even said it helped her redefine her own practice a bit. We stopped the weekly meetings, but we continued to work together in Science through the delivery, and everything was remarkably harmonious.

So, I don’t think you can tell from the outward personality of someone whether they’ll be a good practitioner for your case. It’s about what they do in the heart of prayer that makes the difference. Sure, it helps to feel comfortable with them as a person, and, if you’re needing spiritual “coaching,” to have them be able to explain things so you’ll understand. But treatment happens in a different space, in a place of wholehearted communion with Spirit.

I did know another practitioner who I have since tried to emulate. She simply embodied Love. Her every breath was in step with divine affection and grace. She was quite elderly and physically very weak, but strong and mighty when it came to fighting my problems with me. Her interest in me never flagged, even when I was at the most whiny. Her confidence that I was on the right track and wholly connected with my Father-Mother sustained me through some severe trials.

I guess then the answer to the question is: I don’t believe there is any “gift” of healing when it comes to Christian Science, any more than there is any “gift” needed to understand arithmetic or to learn to read. You just learn it, then you can do it. The doing of it, though, requires love and dedication. Anyone who wants to can practice Christian Science healing—you don’t have to be a perfect human being or especially anointed.

Watch out, though—if you really pursue it, you may find that you’re perfect and anointed already.

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At 5/02/2006 07:57:00 AM, Blogger Vicki said...

Your reflection: "She simply embodied Love. Her every breath was in step with divine affection and grace." is one of the purest, inspiring descriptions of the essence of siritual healing I have read so far.
Thank you, Vicki.

At 5/02/2006 09:52:00 AM, Anonymous Uwe said...

"You just learn it, then you can do it. The doing of it, though, requires love and dedication"

Thank you for that!

And about your new blog-design:
A couple of days ago you had such a clear and beautiful blog-site. I loved it. This one now is not the best, especially because of the sugary colour ( IMHO of course) :-)

Have a nice day,

At 5/03/2006 02:12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your mention of nutrition struck a note with me. I spent many years quite heavy and out of shape, and through a few years of concentrating on measurement of physical things like calories, carbohydrates and heart rate, I have greatly improved my health and physical appearance. In my study of Christian Science, I become conflicted as to whether I should ignore or embrace nutrition and exercise.


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